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Breaking News – Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition Calls for Gov. Abbott to Take Action

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May 24, 2017
Contact: Aaron Harris
RE: Election Reforms – Call a Special Session Now.

DAT Calls Out House for Killing All Serious Election Fraud Prevention Legislation

Requests Abbott seriously consider a special session to address blatant fraud in our system

 (North Richland Hills, TX) Direct Action Texas sent a letter, signed by over 100 grassroots leaders across Texas, calling upon Governor Abbott to use his constitutional authority to force the House to address his priority which they have killed.

President of Direct Action Texas commented on the letter stating, “The grassroots were grateful for Governor Abbott speaking out on this issue, but now that the legislature has ignored his concerns it falls upon him to decide if reform occurs or not. I am grateful to stand with all of these leaders across Texas in asking the Governor to take action immediately.”

The letter signed by grassroots leaders representing thousands of grassroots Texans is below. We also encourage citizens to join who on the letter by signing the petition available at

More information on Direct Action Texas can be found at


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Call to Action! Show up to Reduce Your Taxes!

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Tarrant County citizens, don’t wait until it is too late to reduce your property taxes!  Tomorrow night is YOUR LAST CHANCE to make your voice heard!

Your County Commissioners who want to continue their tax and spend policies don’t want you there.  They want to justify raising your taxes by saying “no one showed up” to protest or ask questions.  Don’t let them!  County Commissioner Andy Nguyen is giving you a chance to speak up, take it!  Early involvement is working with JPS and it can work with your tax rate as well.

We sent out a call to action when JPS wanted to quickly push through an $809 million bond package and you answered. It worked. Inside sources tell us that Robert Early, President and CEO of JPS Health Network, is fuming over the Blue Ribbon Committee’s results so far. The Committee listened to your input. They are discussing spending less money on the hospital in Downtown Fort Worth and using the funds for clinics in the communities that need them. They are looking at real change for JPS with a focus on indigent care, not competing with private hospitals. All because you answered the call and showed up.

It is time to be there again.  County Commissioner Nguyen is fighting for you and he needs backup.  He wants to implement a homestead exemption for Tarrant County. It would mean up to 20% exemption of the value of your home.  Tarrant taxes us more than liberal Dallas County! Tarrant County’s tax rate is higher with no homestead exemption, while county Dallas County’s tax rate is lower and offers a 20% homestead exemption. Yes, liberal Dallas County offers more tax breaks to homeowners that Tarrant County. This must change, but nothing will happen unless you are there.

We must FILL THE ROOM tomorrow night! Change will not happen unless we do. If you are not in Precinct 2 you still need to be there.  Your County Commissioner is not holding a Town Hall Meeting like this.  Come tomorrow night and call him out for not holding one. He will hear you. Commissioner Nguyen may not be your commissioner, but he is fighting for all of Tarrant County!

Be there, or don’t complain about your property taxes next time you write that check.

Thursday, May 18

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


700 E. Abram Street

Arlington, Texas 76010

Tarrant County Property Tax Town Hall Meetings

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Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen has scheduled two Town Hall meetings this month to address county property taxes. Nguyen is advocating for Tarrant County and JPS Hospital district – which both levy a property tax – to provide relief by adopting a 20% homestead exemption.

If you care about property taxes, you should attend and express your opinion!

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Dallas Speaks Up About Mail in Ballot Fraud

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Check out this piece put out by reporter Naomi Martin of the Dallas Morning News. It details how these ballot harvesting operations work at the ground level and what’s going on right now in Dallas when it comes to mail in ballot fraud.

Prior to these numerous news stories about ballot fraud in West Dallas, Direct Action Texas, along with friends from Empower Texans, had already been down to Dallas County Elections reviewing thousands of mail in ballot applications. The amount of fraud we found was staggering. However, we were in the early stages of our research when the news from West Dallas broke. Read More

DAT Files Election Complaint on Dallas County – 4th County

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Today Direct Action Texas (DAT) filed its 4th criminal complaint with the Texas Secretary of State’s office regarding election violations in as many counties.

This last Monday Dallas’ ABC affiliate ran a report on voters who have complained about receiving ballots which they did not apply for. When they requested copies of their alleged applications, voters told reports the handwriting is not theirs, nor the signature. (Watch the WFAA story here)

This came as no surprise to Direct Action Texas, we recognized the handwriting on the application shown on the screen as that of Jose Rodriquez. DAT has compiled an extensive amount of evidence on Mr. Rodriguez. Read More

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