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Direct Action Texas Joins Conservative Leaders Calling for Special Session

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This week, Direct Action Texas joined a dozen conservative groups calling on Governor Greg Abbott to call a special session of the Texas legislature. Actual deficiencies in public policy went unaddressed during the 2019 session, the immediate negative impacts will compound as the interim continues.

Groups represented on the letter cover important policy areas including 2nd Amendment rights, tax relief, pro-life, and election integrity among others. All of the signers are invested in seeing the commonsense platform of the Lone Star Agenda accomplished, now.

The letter comes at a time when Texas Republicans appear especially rudderless.

Beginning in November 2018, there has been a brute force effort to have Texas Republicans abandon the conservative principals that have made Texas the most prosperous state in the nation.

Underpinning these efforts is the false narrative that the midterm election results were a referendum on and sign of things to come. Agreeing with such a premise requires a willing suspension of common sense, ignoring historical election results and the state of play on the ground in Texas in 2020.

Aside from the media-driven agenda that 2020 is the year for Democrats in Texas there is little evidence that Texas is any nearer Democrat control.

Ahead of the last census and redistricting effort in 2010 while Republicans had a grim grip on statewide offices, they were perilously close to losing the House. Fast forward a decade and the set up is far rosier with little credible evidence that the GOP will lose the House.

Still, it is not the time for conservatives to rest on their laurels, which is why DAT and others are pressing for immediate rejection of the lies that have driven policy setting thus far in 2019 and action on meaningful reforms.

Hand-wringing Over Illegal Voting Conviction Part of Larger Agenda

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In the last 48 hours, multiple progressive websites have published articles defending illegal voting in Texas, specifically citing the case of convicted criminal Crystal Mason.

We’ll address the Mason case again shortly, first, let’s examine what might be precipitating the PR push.

In part, it’s timing as leftwing groups appeal the Mason conviction but it might also be needed to combat recent polling that shows 77% of Texas Democrats agree that ineligible voters should be prevented from voting.

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More Voter Fraud Arrests Made

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The city secretary of Edinburg, Texas and another woman were arrested this week on illegal voting charges.

These arrests, reported by Valley Central, are the latest in a string of arrests connected to the 2017 municipal election in Edinburg a case that serves as an ongoing reminder that elections in Texas are being undermined by fraud.

In late August, 13 indictments were handed down in the case where the mayoral candidate and eventual winner, Richard Molina and his wife stand accused of having voters change their addresses so they would be eligible to vote for Molina.

In fact, some of the voter’s addresses are alleged to have been changed to an apartment complex owned by Molina.

Going further down the rabbit hole, Julio Carranza a business partner of Molina’s has been charged with one count of engaging in organized election fraud along with two counts of illegal voting.

It’s been reported that following Molina’s election, Carranza was appointed to the Edinburg Economic Development Council, a position he conspicuously resigned just before his company was awarded contracts by the city of Edinburg.

This week polling from the Texas Lyceum showed that on a wide range of issues both Democrats and Republicans are in alignment. One such issue was the importance of keeping non-eligible voters from voting in elections.

According to the poll, 77% of Democrats agreed that preventing ineligible individuals from voting was important. To find out more about the poll and other key areas of overlap between the two parties read our 5 takeaways post here.

5 Takeaways From Recent Election Polling

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A recently released poll appears to confirm what many have known for some time, Texas has a trust issue when it comes to the administration of elections.

What’s the media not reporting?

How about, 77% of Democrats believe it’s important that ineligible voters be prevented from voting. This would include non-citizens, thousands of whom are registered and voting in Texas.

This is a very important observation, ignored strategically because it is devastating for the left’s narrative. More on this later.

Let’s examine some of the results with added context.

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