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Commentary: We Must Stand for Judge Alex Kim

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It’s in the news every day, families and freedom are under attack. Drake Pardo, James Younger, and Tinslee Lewis have all become household names, but their stories are not unique.

Democrats are using the legal system and organizations like Child Protective Services (CPS), Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), and even hospitals such as Cook Children’s to rip children from their families or even threaten their very lives.

It takes a bold Judge to stand in the gap, follow the constitution, and protect the lives and liberties of vulnerable children. One such Judge is Alex Kim of the 323rd District Court, the Family Court, and he is under threat. 

On February 20th at 12:15 p.m. at the Tarrant County Family Law Courthouse, located at, 200 E. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, there will be an open hearing. Its goal is to try to take CPS cases from Judge Kim’s Court and distribute them downtown.

Why? Groups like CPS and CASA do not want a judge that actually looks into the facts of the case and rules based on the law and the Constitution. Those groups want a rubber stamp and they know that Judge Kim does not fit that bill.

Those of us who voted for Judge Kim in 2018 were voting for rule of law and adherence to the principles that we hold dear, following the constitution and protecting liberty, no agendas, no legislation from the bench. Judge Kim has delivered exactly that. 

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Election Integrity Roundup 2.9.20

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country.

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Starr County to review suspected voter fraud cases

As a member on a recent panel in Austin, Starr Couty District Attorney Omar Escobar noted his county and the state of Texas have longstanding issues with voters abusing ballot by mail.

Voting by mail is reserved for a select group of disadvantaged individuals and if you are not a member of one of these classes voting by mail is in fact illegal.

Unfortunately, the state of Texas missed a valuable opportunity during the legislative session to clarify the process to apply for a mail-in ballot, both to protect unsuspecting applicants and ward off illegal behavior.

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Troy Nehls Accused of Misleading Federal Filings

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For the second time this week, congressional candidate Troy Nehls has been slapped with a sworn ethics violation complaint.

On Friday afternoon, Nehls was accused of falsifying filings with the Federal Elections Committee by “knowingly and intentionally misrepresenting the employer and occupation of two donors.”

The donors in question, Thomas Goodfellow and Amanda Bronsell were identified as self-employed consultants on Nehls filings when they were in fact employed by Fort Bend County where Nehls is Sheriff. Mr. Goodfellow, according to his bio on the Fort Bend County website is a subordinate to Sheriff Nehls.

The sworn complaint states that Nehls’s intent in misrepresenting this information was to deceive the public as to who is funding his campaign.

Nehls is one in a crowded field including fourteen other Republicans and five Democrats vying for the Congressional District 22 seat vacated by Pete Olson.

Earlier in the week, Nehls was accused of and Texas Ethics Commission filings show he shifted funds from his state account to his federal account, an illegal transference.

As we noted when the initial complaint was filed, transferring funds can have the effect of busting campaign contribution limits in place for federal elections.

Another candidate in the race to fill the District 22 vacancy Pierce Bush, grandson of President George H.W. Bush, was reported to have likened Catholics, other Christians to Taliban terrorists.

Congressional Candidate Hit with Federal Complaint

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This afternoon, a sworn complaint against congressional candidate Troy Nehls was filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Nehls is one in a crowded field including fourteen other Republicans and five Democrats vying for the seat vacated by Congressman Pete Olson.

According to the complaint, in violation of federal regulations, Nehls transferred money from his nonfederal campaign account to his federal committee.

While Texas does not have contribution limits, federal campaigns limit individual giving to $2,800 per election, per candidate. Transferring $5,400 from his non-federal account to his federal account has the effect of allowing donors to bust contribution limits if they have given to both campaigns.

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Partisan Judge Issues Partisan Ruling

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Last week, a Democrat judge in San Antonio ordered the state of Texas to register three voters based on an online driver’s license application.

The ruling was anticipated as the judge in question, Orlando Garcia, issued a similar ruling based on a nearly identical set of facts in 2016. That 2016 ruling was eventually overturned on appeal.

At a later date, Garcia is expected to issue a broader ruling for his Democrat allies seeking to upend election administration in Texas ahead of and after the 2020 election.

Garcia, a Clinton appointee, has a track record of siding with progressive liberals on issues like gay marriage and illegal immigration.

There is no indication a change in Texas’s voter registration regime is needed or mandated under the Motor Voter Act, rather the lawsuit appears to be a ploy by Democrats who want Texas to implement online voter registration.

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