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DPS Affidavit: Poncho Nevarez Dropped his Cocaine

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On November 6, Representative Poncho Nevarez (Poncho) issued a press release stating he was immediately suspending his Facebook page.

He blamed Mark Zuckerberg.

Two days later, Poncho announced he would not be running for reelection but didn’t place blame. Maybe it was the envelope of cocaine he’s alleged to have dropped outside of an Austin airport.

On October 29 a search warrant was sworn out for a DNA sample from Poncho after he was linked to an envelope full of cocaine.

Here’s how it went down according to the affidavit attached to the search warrant.

On September 6 a pair of DPS employees at the TXDOT Flight Services location in Austin, Texas found a sealed white envelope on the ground outside of the terminal. Inside were four clear plastic baggies containing “white power.”

That powder was cocaine.

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Election Integrity Roundup 11.10.19

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country.

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Harris County

This week Texans voted in the off-year constitutional amendment election, sprinkled with local, bond and special elections in various jurisdictions.

In Harris County, returns from the election were delayed. The delays were unanticipated by most, predicted by a few and leave much to be desired moving forward in the largest county in the state.

On election night, after the polls closed, Harris county election officials took what amount to memory cards to a central location to be loaded up onto a computer and counted. This is a different process than has been used in the past and different than what was recommended by secretary of state staff.

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Democrats Sue to Harvest Votes

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Today is election day, the last day to vote in a Texas election that hasn’t been marred by the disruptive vote harvesting tactic of rolling polling. The practice was ended during the 2019 legislative session by HB 1888.

Last week Democrats sued the state of Texas over the newly enacted law, a move that was wholly unsurprising.

Avid observers of the left in Texas, we’ve been tracking and covering the coordinated public relations campaign waged by Democrats through friendly media outlets like the Texas Tribune and third-party organizations for weeks as they worked up the lawsuit filing.

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Patrick Singles Out Abuse of Public Resources in Interim Charges

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This week, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick issued interim charges to be addressed ahead of the next legislative session. Included among his priority issues, election integrity.

Key among his charges was ending the abuse of government resources to campaign for candidates and causes. Needless to say, the left is upset. More on this in a bit.

The interim charge dealing with election integrity was delegated to the State Affairs Committee. Committees work interim issues to gather information, build consensus and craft legislation ahead of necessarily condensed regular legislative sessions.

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Conservatives Call on Abbott for Special Session

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Yesterday, conservative leaders from across Texas held a press conference in Farmers Branch calling on Governor Greg Abbott to call a special session.

Direct Action Texas’ executive director Daniel Greer spoke at the event on the topic of election integrity, specifically missed opportunities to secure Texas elections ahead of 2020. Full remarks are attached to this article.

Election integrity is one of the 11 issues part of the Lone Star Agenda, formulated following the purple legislative session.

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