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How Many Missing Voters Is Too Many?

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Earlier this summer Direct Action Texas looked into several of the March 1st Republican Primary races. Hill County’s election quickly garnered our attention.

We found that 19.29% of their official election results did NOT have voters to go along with the alleged votes. It is a basic principle that for every vote cast there must be one voter to match up with said vote. In the case of Hill County, they posted 9,038 votes having been cast, yet their official election file only had 7,518 voters marked as having voted, but it gets better. Read More

10 Rules to be Effective When You are in the Minority

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Sooner or later, as an elected official, whether on a school board, city council, or any other local government entity, you find yourself in the minority on an important issue. Sometimes you find yourself completely alone. It is very easy to assume that because you are in the minority you can’t achieve anything. In reality, you can. Here are 10 rules to achieve change, even if not 100% of what you wanted, when you are in the minority.

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De Facto State Property Tax

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In 2016, property values in Collin County increased by an average of 8.9%. No doubt, with the move of ToYoram.Solomonyota and other large companies to the County, it’s a great place to live in, and in great demand, which drives property values up. However, there is a downside to the increase in values: even while keeping similar tax rates, actual property taxes increased by almost 10%.

An increase in property values does not automatically translate into an increase in local expenditures.  Read More

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