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Grassroots Coalition Calls Upon Governor Abbott to Verify Voter Citizenship

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DAT Calls Upon Governor Abbott to Begin Verifying Citizenship in the Voter Registration Process.

Requests Gov. Abbott take executive action, issue an administrative order, and mandate citizenship verification for voter registration by the Secretary of State.

 (North Richland Hills, TX) A Texas Grassroots Coalition sent a letter to the Governor and help a press conference today demanding the Governor direct the Secretary of State to verify citizenship of voter registrations. Below are Aaron Harris comments as well as a copy of the letter send to Governor Abbott.

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Court Rules Against Plano in Harrison Case

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Today the 401st District Court Ruled in favor of Tom Harrison, canceling the scheduled recall election against him.

Earlier this year democrats and city officials sought to recall Tom Harrison from the City Council. They used as their motive a controversial Facebook post by Mr. Harrison, however the real motivation is Mr. Harrison’s insistence on being a conservative voice on council and refusing to simply rubber stamp the wishes of the mayor and city manager. A recall petition was carried out, however they used an erroneous calculation for the number of signatures needed to gain ballot access.

At issue was whether one needed to use the “last” election turnout or some other nebulous random election’s turnout as the basis for calculating the number of signatures needed. The city chose to use a 2015 election turnout numbers instead of the most recent election turnout.

In the ruling the presiding judge stated “The Court finds based on clear and convincing evidence the the word “last” is included” [in the City charter]. During the trial Mr. Harrison’s attorneys uncovered multiple different versions of the city charter, causing confusion as to which was the accurate copy.

Mr. Harrison’s attorney, Art Martinez DeVara stated he was very pleased with the decision by the court. Mr. DeVara was particularly pleased that the judge disallowed the city from adding to the charter by “interpretation”, as using the 2015 election numbers was a “creative” interpretation the city was attempting to get away with.

By following the city charter and using the last election’s turnout as the basis for calculating how many signatures were needed for the petition to be valid, the petition against Tom Harrison came in short. The election is called off by the order.

Not only did the judge rule against the City of Plano, he also ordered the city to pay Mr. Harrison’s attorney’s fees within 30 days.

Congratulations Tom Harrison.



Is Ontario More Conservative than Texas?

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Why is it that in 30 days, more conservative agendas have been accomplished in Ontario, Canada than we in Texas, U.S.A. have for nearly three decades? The Republican Party has controlled the legislature, Lt. Governor’s, and Governor’s office for 14 of the last 25 years, and still we have seen very little movement on property tax reform, Robin Hood, pro-life laws, and others. When we conservatives complain about this lack of progress to our elected representatives, we’re shushed and told that we “just don’t understand.” With Joe Straus leaving the Speakership of the Texas House, the scramble has begun to find a new Speaker and already we’re seeing early signs that conservatives will have to put up with more snail’s pace progress, if any, on desperately needed conservative reforms.

Meanwhile, up north in Ontario, Canada, the exact opposite is happening. The Progressive-Conservative Party, led by Doug Ford, recently won a massive electoral upset. Ford ran on some key promises:

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