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Left Protecting, Promoting Illegal Voting in Texas

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During the Texas legislative session and more recently, the petulance of the left has brought into sharp contrast an electoral edge that needs to end, non-citizens voting. Currently, Texas is not actively removing non-citizens from voter rolls, and these non-citizens are voting.

A key figure pushing to undermine accurate elections in Texas and nationally is Stacey Abrams.

Last month, Abrams was in Texas, speaking at a fundraiser for the liberal political committee, Annie’s List. During the stop, Abrams accused Republicans of “erasing Democracy.” Actually, it’s Abrams and other progressive radicals eroding Democracy.

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Rabid Left Coming for Texas

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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock since January, the left is serious about winning in Texas. This thirst to win includes a fight to allow non-citizens to vote in 2020.

There’s little else that can explain the continued obsession with Governor Greg Abbott and his appointee to Secretary of State, David Whitley. Continued attacks on Abbott are meant to send a message, we will protect non-citizens voting and we’ll destroy anyone who gets in our way.

The chosen method of destruction, a mass public relations campaign and threats of litigation. Both can be defeated. The media has been neutered by President Trump time and again on the national/international stage. The level of amplification is certainly smaller given the venue (Texas) and the case that Abbott needs to make is not an overly burdensome one, non-citizens shouldn’t be voting in Texas elections.

News of “shocking” emails interpreted to show Abbott kickstarting an effort to remove non-citizens from voter rolls broke yesterday after our article, Democrats Don’t Play Ball. The timing could not have been better.

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Democrats Don’t Play Ball

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David Whitley’s stalkers at 9th and Congress can’t help themselves.

Last week, Whitley who was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott in December to be Secretary of State resigned after having his character assassinated over the course of the session by leftist activists, lawmakers, and self-styled reporters. His maligning in the press continues.

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