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NBC Defends Illegal Voting

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In a recent NBC Nightly News segment, host Lester Holt bemoaned the case of a Texas woman who was convicted of knowingly voting illegally and sentenced to prison.

The woman in question, Crystal Mason, was initially tried and convicted of tax fraud. As a tax preparation professional, she was accused of manipulating her client’s earnings to inflate return amounts. For her participation in the scheme, she was sentenced to prison and probation.

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Right caves, left sues anyway

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Surprise! Liberals are suing the State of Texas over election administration.

Being litigation fear mongers is a defining characteristic of the left and its completely predictable behavior ahead of a make or break 2020. It’s precisely because of this proclivity that legislative inaction in service of litigation avoidance by conservatives is played out, and should not have driven decision making during the session.

Last week, the Texas Civil Rights Project and a gaggle of its left-wing comrades, filed a lawsuit seeking to block election officials from throwing out mail-in ballots called into question during the signature verification process.

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Bonnen Audio Clear as a Bell, Hit List Given

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After listening to a recording of a conversation between House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, Rep. Dustin Burrows, and conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan in June a few things are clear.

Programming note: the recording is quoted heavily throughout this article, expletives and all.

Quick takes.

Lawmakers pay attention to what is said about them on blogs, social media, in papers and at public speeches. Bonnen and Burrows are dripping with self-consciousness. Burrows even quotes a tweet issued by Sullivan during the session calling Burrows “moronic.”

At many points in the conversation, Sullivan was provided with a partial and full list of approved Member targets by both Bonnen and Burrows, respectively. This is in direct contradiction to Bonnen’s denial that “at no point in our conversation was Sullivan provided with a list of target Members.”

On this point, Bonnen appears to be playing a semantics game. It’s unclear from the audio that a physical list ever changed hands but Bonnen and Burrows listed off names throughout the meeting. In fact, Bonnen states, “he’ll show you the list.”

Bonnen in handing Sullivan off to Burrows for an entire list before leaving the room says, “Let’s go after these Republicans and if we’re successful beat some of these liberal pieces of shit.”

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Paper Backups Backed by Congress?

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Yesterday, Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. held a town hall in Fort Worth in which he addressed several election integrity issues, and specifically the implementation of paper ballot backups.

Election integrity was, in fact, the first question put to the Congressman by an audience member. Burgess, representing Denton and Tarrant County, congratulated Denton County on purchasing a voting system based on paper ballots. He acknowledged that purely electronic voting systems are problematic. Gesturing to Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley who had just introduced Burgess, the congressman suggested the audience member encourage Whitley to implement paper ballot backups in Tarrant as well.

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