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End of Rolling Polling Enrages Left

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Reliably knowing the location of a polling place and that the location won’t change during an election is common sense when the focus is on the voter. Further, if a polling location is vital for maximum participation keeping it open for the entire election would be prioritized.

Neither of these observations is of concern to the left or its media handmaidens, a fact made clear by the handwringing over rolling polling ending.

Until this year, polling places could change locations during early voting. One day a polling place might be placed at a grocery store only to be moved to a shopping mall or other location the next. This is problematic if you’re a voter passing by the grocery store location thinking it will be there tomorrow. But, what’s bad for the voter is great for harvesters.

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Polling Suggests Immediate Action Needed

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A recent poll conducted by the Texas Lyceum focused among other things on the topic of election integrity and suggests that broad consensus and support exists for proposed reforms to Texas election law.

The poll results are interesting in that both the right and the left have been trumpeting the them but who really has the upper hand? Also, how do polling results dictate the direction and timing of implementing public policy?

Quick aside, as consumers and critics of polls, it’s generally accepted that results tend to be skewed to the left or right based on the poll’s author. For the sake of making observations, we’ll leave bias aside but note polling in Texas tends to show support of conservative policies even in polls conducted by the left.

Before getting to the current polling and what can be gleaned about the pecking order of the right and left on issues of election integrity, let’s look at one of the “surprise” results.

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Bad Ideas From Leftist Panel

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Last week a partisan panel put together by the Texas Tribune helped solidify a few things for the viewing and more likely the not viewing public.

First, the Tribune is biased in its selection and reporting. As we’ve previously highlighted here, here, here, and here the outfit has an agenda to shape state policy in the image prescribed by the left, a political elite more inline with New York and California sensibilities.

Impaneled by the Tribune were a Democrat member of the Texas House, two Democrat County Election Officials, and a Democrat County Clerk. Needless to say, policy prescriptions from this group were predictably bad.

When asked the number one thing she would like to see changed, Representative Celia Israel (D-Austin) said she would like for student IDs to be an acceptable form of voter ID.

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