5 Takeaways From Recent Election Polling

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A recently released poll appears to confirm what many have known for some time, Texas has a trust issue when it comes to the administration of elections.

What’s the media not reporting?

How about, 77% of Democrats believe it’s important that ineligible voters be prevented from voting. This would include non-citizens, thousands of whom are registered and voting in Texas.

This is a very important observation, ignored strategically because it is devastating for the left’s narrative. More on this later.

Let’s examine some of the results with added context.

Paper Ballot Backups

A whopping 83% of Texans polled are in favor of paper ballot backups being part of electronic voting. The partisan breakdown of that figure, 83% of Democrats and 81% of Republicans favoring paper ballot backups suggests this was prime to become law during the session.

Unfortunately, Chairman of the Texas House Elections Committee, Stephanie Klick used the process to kill multiple pieces of legislation that would have resulted in the mandated adoption of paper ballot backup systems.

In spite of Klick’s failure, Texas’ current fleet of aged electronic voting equipment is being swapped out for newer versions with the capability to produce paper ballot backups. What’s most troubling about Klick’s actions is that, in service of a special interest, she killed badly needed election integrity measures.

Speaking of voting equipment, this week Direct Action Texas tested machines newly acquired by Tarrant County which produce a paper ballot backup. We’ll post video and a detailed review of that system next week.

Voter ID = Very Popular

Also gauged by the polling is the popularity of Texas’ Voter ID law, which despite slavish hand wringing by the media aimed at drumming up opposition to the common-sense practice, the majority of Texans favor.

Texas has what is considered one of the strictest Voter ID laws in the country, still 72% of Democrats were found to support the law, joining 81% of Republicans.

It’s been previously reported that Voter ID laws, despite the protestations of liberals, do not limit access to voting.

According to a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Voter ID laws do not disenfranchise voters. According to Working Paper 25522, which reviewed elections from 2008 to 2016, the authors found voter ID laws have “no negative effect on registration or turnout, overall or for any group defined by race, gender, age, or party affiliation.”

Additionally, the researchers found that voter ID laws “do not decrease the participation of ethnic minorities relative to whites.”

Felons Voting

As for the poll’s findings on allowing felons to vote after they have served their time, which would presumably include parole and probation, 67% of Texans favored the practice. This is currently Texas law.

This year WFAA based out of DFW found that hundreds if not thousands of felons, ineligible to vote in the 2018 November election, voted.

Many on the left have decried the prosecution of convicted felon Crystal Mason and called for her conviction to be overturned after she was convicted of knowingly voting before completing the terms of her conviction, also known as “serving her time.”

Bad Russians and the Media

According to the authors of the poll, Texans view domestic interference in elections as more likely and a bigger threat than foreign interference, 62% to 24%.

Russia has played the boogeyman for decades but that status may be slipping thanks to the shamelessness of our agenda-driven media.

It was the case in 2016 and is the case to this day that the media sows more division, unjustly and disproportionately impacts policy by propping up the most extreme elements of the political left, pretending they are the mainstream.

It’s likely due to long term effects of such behavior that the poll found the media, despite their positioning as a crucial factor in our political process, is not viewed as an intricate part of the democratic process.

Absent From Media Coverage

If it wasn’t in the intro you could file this under buried lead, but we’ve come to the final point we want to highlight, that 77% of Democrats polled think it’s important that ineligible voters be prevented from voting.

As was mentioned previously, this important finding was ignored by the media and it’s a keen example of why, when polling is reported, it’s important to look at the cross tabs because the most important finding is likely to be missing.

Texans need to make sure that their friends and neighbors who are ineligible to vote to know that it is illegal to do so and they could be prosecuted for interfering in Texas’ elections. This is a task that falls to citizens in the absence of action from the state.

The poll conducted by the Texas Lyceum Project surveyed 1,200 Texas adults between conducted August 16 and August 25. A full copy of the cross-tabulations can be found here.

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