AG: Apply to Vote by Mail Illegally, Face Potential Prosecution

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Power grabs usually defy logic and the Democrat’s latest effort is no exception.

This afternoon Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office released a legal advisory stating publicly that fear of contracting COVID-19 does not qualify anyone to apply to vote by mail in upcoming state elections.

The advisory came shortly before a Travis County judge announced he would issue an opinion allowing anyone in the state to apply to vote by mail. The judge’s opinion is highly likely to be appealed and overturned.

It’s troubling that unconstitutional rulings are predictable from Travis County jurists but here we are.

The novel legal theory here is that coronavirus short-circuits longstanding state law outlining who can vote by mail, excluding those who don’t.

Universal voting by mail is not provided for in Texas law, neither is applying for fear of leaving home.

Coronavirus – inexplicably – stands in contrast to being struck by lightning, getting into a traffic accident, having a heart event while visiting a public restroom, or any other harm that can befall a Texan leaving home.

Republican lawmakers in Texas and Wisconsin have been careful not to act rashly when it comes to altering election administration during the fog of war phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats, on the other hand, have proven themselves to be bad actors during the crisis seeing it as an opportunity to upend lawful execution of elections among other government functions.

The Democrat Governor of California Gavin Newsom has been explicit in stating his goal to use the crisis to pursue a progressive agenda.

Instead of passing legislation to achieve their preferred policies, Democrats are seeking out judges to legislate from the bench.

The Texas Democrat Party has filed a separate lawsuit in federal court that relies on a similar so-broad-as-to-be-ridiculous reading of Texas law and a widely panned modeling of the coronavirus produced by the Imperial College which grossly overestimated the number of infections and deaths that the virus from China would bring to the U.S.

Democrats will be unable to compete in 2020 without vote harvesting schemes. This and similar suits are Hail Marys to be spiked.

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