Alert: Democrats Signal More Pressure on Elections

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This evening failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams will deliver a rebuttal to the President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Abrams lost her bid to become governor of Georgia to former Secretary of State Brian Kemp on November 6, 2018. Her run was used to attack routine voter roll upkeek in messaging that was not confined to Georgia but projected nationally.

Since being elected, President Trump has made it a point to call out voter fraud, a practice that many Democrats dismiss out of hand despite prosecutions and convictions. In Texas, convictions are on the rise.

Expect a progressive election reform agenda to be part of Abrams response this evening. Following Abrams close race with Kemp, several lawsuits were filed challenging vote counting and administration criteria.

Currently, Texas’ Secretary of State David Whitley is working to perform voter list maintenance in Texas. These efforts are being challenged by the media, county officials and now three lawsuits filed by left-wing groups.

Yesterday, the Texas Scorecard reported on Houston mayor Sylvester Turner calling on the Harris County voter registrar to resist efforts from the SoS to perform maintenance of the county’s voter roll.

Abrams’ remarks this evening come a week after Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in the US Congress proposed H.R. 1, a wide-ranging measure that has been described as a sweeping power grab.

Folks, the push is on by Democrats in Texas and across the nation to change the rules to suit their ends. Call on your lawmakers and Governor Abbott to protect Texas elections by signing this quick petition.

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