Alert: Washington Targeting Texas.

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Continuing the orchestrated attack on Texas’ efforts to maintain voter rolls, today, members of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform issued a letter to Texas Secretary of State David Whitley, kicking off an investigation.

This is a naked power play by Washington liberals, one that the media and left wing groups in Texas helping to perpetrate.

In that letter from Democrat U.S. Reps Elijah Cummings and Jamie Raskin it incorrectly states that the Texas Secretary of State “took steps to remove thousands of eligible American voters from the rolls in Texas.” In reality, Whitley and his office began a list maintenance effort aimed ot remove non-citizen voters and confirm the citizenship status of eligible voters.

List maintenance is a mandated practice that some would prefer not be done as it lowers the ability for fraud to flourish.

The committee’s letter comes a month after a Nancy Pelosi delegation visited Texas on a “listening” tour. The only parties the entourage heard from were supporters of baring Texas from maintaining it’s voter rolls in accordance with federal and state law.

The full text of the Democrat letter has not been posted to the committee’s website.

Expect a steady stream of this harrasement over the next year and a half as liberals scuffle for power at the cost of undermining trust in our electoral system.

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