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Blue Wave of Litigation

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The blue wave, bandied about in reference to winning elections in 2020, might more accurately refer to the tsunami of lawsuits filed by leftists to try and manufacture a favorable electoral outcome in November.

As predicted, Texas Democrats have fired up the lawsuit machine following the primary run-off ahead of the November election.

Last week two voters and civil rights groups sued the state of Texas to enforce rules that may not be needed in November.

One of the practices that the lawsuit seeks to expand is curbside voting. During the 2019 legislative session, there were attempts to expand this practice that failed.

As was the case with expanding mail-in balloting for the primary election, altering curbside voting without debate and votes from duly elected representatives of the people should be shunned.

This is yet another power grab masquerading as good governance and like the many other lawsuits filed by Democrats this election cycle, thrown out.

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Hybrid GOP Convention > 100% Digital Option

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Monday it was rumored and yesterday it was reported, that the Texas Republican Party is considering a change of venue for its state convention.

On Thursday, the State Republican Executive Committee will meet via conference call to weigh options, including keeping the in-person date in Houston, relocation, or transitioning to an all-virtual convention.

In these considerations, one thing is certain, the SREC should not face a binary choice between in-person or virtual-only when it comes to facilitating the biannual gathering.

There should be a third option on the table.

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Left Crafts Crude Electoral Shiv

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The left is fashioning a shiv to fatally undermine trust in elections. In part, the plan involves lowering expectations ahead of November.

After months of calling for drastic changes to how elections are run, the left is now “prepping” Americans for delayed results.

This messaging is being peddled as a public service, but it’s anything but helpful to suggest delays in results are inevitable or to ignore the fact that this messaging will be used to call for additional destabilizing 11th-hour changes.

Narratives with manipulated visions about how the election will play out serve multiple nefarious aims, let’s take them in turn.

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Chaotic by Liberal Design; The Georgia-Texas Connection

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When it comes to election administration, Liberals are acting in bad faith.

This well-worn truth has been exacerbated by the coronavirus but would have been on full display in 2020 even without a novel virus from China.

Here’s the pattern we can discern.

Liberals call for massive fundamental changes, these demands, if they are won, throw the system into chaos. Then, this chaos is decried by liberals who demand further changes.

At the same time radical changes are being requested, reforms meant to safeguard and streamline elections in a measured way are killed.

While this is the approach by the left to running elections it’s also an image of what liberals want to do with the U.S. government. Disrupt, distort, destroy, and replace.

This week’s 2020 primary election in Georgia is an example of this and the pattern of behavior we’ve seen in Texas.

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Electoral Chaos, Brought to You by the Media

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Blame for the chaos gripping America can’t be laid at the doorstep of a singular actor, but the media plays an outsized role in creating and maintaining disorder.

The same distortions deployed by the media to incite social unrest (see: ANTIFA riots) are being deployed on the administration of the 2020 election generally, and by pushing mail-in balloting specifically.

This is the second election cycle in a row the media has overtly worked to manipulate outcomes with false narratives. Famously, the 2016 election was awash in claims of foreign interference that have now largely been disproven.

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