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Bill Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote Filed

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Texas could join other states requiring proof of citizenship for those registering to vote.

Representative Mike Lang (R-Granbury) has filed a bill meant to ensure Texas elections are conducted fairly, ensuring voter rolls do not include non-citizens.

House Bill 378 requires that citizenship is established for individuals registering to vote, including language requiring the Secretary of State to confer with the Department of Public Safety to check the citizen status of registrants.

Criticism of the bill from some on the left is generic, claiming the bill will make it more difficult to register to vote. Proving citizenship is difficult if you’re not a citizen.

Negative reactions and talking points against such a bill are to be expected and can be used to identify disingenuous actors both in Texas and American political discourse.

Headlines since 2016 have been dominated by handwringing over Russian interference in the presidential election, though no one contends a single illegal vote was cast by a Russian.

What’s truly undermining and destabilizing America is forked tongued groups and individuals who will one minute decry Russian interference and then turn around and protect non-citizens registered and voting in Texas elections.

Currently, federal voting law does not bar states from requiring proof of citizenship when registering voters.

The state of Arizona has had a law on the books dating back to 2004 requiring voters to provide proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote. Kansas passed a similar law in 2011 as have Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Such laws are needed because signing a form affirming citizenship isn’t as foolproof a barrier as some suggest.

In November, a court upheld the conviction of a woman who first marked she was a non-citizen only to fill out a subsequent form claiming to be a citizen after she was informed she would not be allowed to vote.

You can read the full text of Rep. Lang’s bill here. Note, underlined text is new language added to election code.

This session Direct Action Texas will be tracking, supporting, and opposing bills as lawmakers work to make needed or (more often than not) unnecessary changes to our election code.

2018 Texas Voter Fraud and Election Integrity Review

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As we head into 2019, lawmakers will be called on to address gaps in protecting our elections and remain steadfast as progressives work to degrade the integrity of our elections.

Below is a month by month review of 2018 voter fraud and election integrity issues reported in Texas.

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Grassroots Coalition Letter on Secretary of State

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Today, conservatives from across the state are calling on Governor Greg Abbott to ensure his appointee to the position of Secretary of State is a proactive leader on election integrity.

In a letter delivered to Governor Greg Abbott’s office this morning, grassroots leaders have laid out several actions the incoming SoS can take to protect elections from known weaknesses.

This past Monday, Abbott named his Deputy Chief of Staff David Whitley to replace outgoing Rolando Pablos.

We look forward to learning more about Mr. Whitley in the coming days ahead of his nomination hearing and working with him to ensure necessary steps are being taken to combat election fraud in Texas.

The letter, included in its entirety below, was signed by over 136 political leaders across the state.

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Texas Secretary of State Resigns

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Yesterday, Texas Secretary of State (SoS) Rolando Pablos announced he was resigning his post effective December 15, 2018.

The SoS departure comes ahead of a legislative session where substantive election integrity reforms are going to be considered. It’s essential that the incoming SoS be active in pursuing and implementing needed changes.

For instance, the SoS isn’t currently comparing registered voters to a DPS database to ensure non-citizens aren’t incorrectly registered and illegally voting. In the past year, the Texas Attorney General’s Office has prosecuted and secured convictions of non-citizens voting in Texas elections.

Additionally, to ensure confidence in our electoral process, how and when the SoS issues directives should be addressed. Directives from the SoS guide local officials in how they execute elections, meaning they need to be understandable and timely.

Direct Action Texas is reviewing current practices at the SoS and working with grassroots leaders across Texas to cast a comprehensive and compelling vision for election integrity.

Texans deserve and should be demanding a SoS proactively engaging ahead of elections and essential discussions during the upcoming legislative session.

In Texas, the SoS is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The legislative session begins January 8, 2018.

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