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Predictable Outcome to Midland Ballot Count

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Today, ballots discovered in a box that went uncounted during a recount of MISD’s November bond were counted and the election was shown to have failed.

The margin of defeat was the original margin of 25, plus one bringing the total to 26. That extra vote could be that of a stray ballot discovered in a voting machine after the election recount was certified by the MISD board.

This outcome was predictable which is good, but it’s also bad.

Good, because it validated the position of many, that new voting systems which rely on both electronic and paper ballots help ensure accurate recounts. Now, to have an accurate recount all of the ballots are necessary but barring missing ballot boxes and with a rock solid chain of custody, recounts are possible and predictable with paper ballot backups.

Bad, because we have an election that was certified when it should not have been at the direction of the Secretary of State’s office. Advice from the SoS to certify the election, is based on the interpretation of code by SoS staff and is not mandated, despite breathless claims to the contrary by MISD officials and their allies.

The validation of the faulty election could have resulted in an unconstitutional result standing had it not been for the work of Better Bond for Midland and Direct Action Texas to understand and challenge the results.

Originally, intervenors from Better Bond for Midland were seeking the election be voided but, following the count today, an agreed order nullifying the election will be submitted.

A Midland judge is expected to reverse the election result early next week.

MISD Bond Continues to Crawl Toward Death

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On Friday, a Midland County judge ordered ballots found in a misplaced box be manually counted on January 17. Previously, an inventory of the found ballots was conducted to ascertain the number of ballots only.

The manual recount, of yeas and nyes on Friday, will not alter the election result but may bring a modicum of clarity to an election contest that has been marred by confusion and novel election administration issues.

Regardless the outcome, what will be most interesting to witness is the posture MISD officials and allies take after the ballots are counted. Currently, more than 800 Midlanders have been disenfranchised and the election inaccurately certified. This won’t be rectified by Friday’s count.

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Midland ISD Bond Update

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The Midland ISD school bond election has had a dizzying number of missteps and information false starts since November. This has lead to quite a bit of confusion.

So, where are we now?

The simple, somewhat unfulfilling answer is, we’re getting closer to the definitive case against the handling of this election but are still in process.

Unease is understandable. For one, there’s a lot of money at stake but more importantly, there needs to be trust in the process.

Election Administrator Deborah Land and the MISD school board have shown time and again throughout that rushing and selective transparency don’t instill trust or lead to defendable results.

Data from the recount was delayed in being released last week after Land ran out of ink during a printing session she publicly requested. Now that the requisite ink has been acquired and data finally printed, comparisons can be made and a summation of the discrepancies compiled.

Based on what we already know, a case against not only the election but the individuals overseeing its execution is coming. And, until changes are made, Midland County elections will not enjoy the levels of trust they need and deserve.

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Election Integrity Roundup 12.06.19

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country.

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Investigation Uncovers Illegally Registered Non-Citizen Voters

This week it was reported that hundreds of illegally registered non-citizens were discovered in Ohio. Texas has similar issues, with thousands of non-citizen registered and voting.

“The 277 individuals who registered to vote and the 77 who cast a ballot “each provided the BMV with documentation identifying themselves as non-citizens on at least two occasions, once before their voter activity and once after,” LaRose said”

Despite efforts by Democrats to keep non-citizens registered to vote, election administration officials and outside groups will continue to work on deterring registration and voting as well as removing non-citizens from the rolls.

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What is going on in Midland?

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Two weeks ago, a local election involving the issuance of a $569 million bond for Midland ISD was unofficially said to have passed.

Then, when the votes were officially tabulated, the measure was shown to have failed.

Now, after a recount, the bond appears to have passed but there is a discrepancy that could mean this debacle will continue.

In addition to the seesawing results, there are other worrisome things about this election.

On election night members of a well organized and funded pro-bond group were allowed to witness ballot-counting while members of an anti-bond organization were excluded. Absent paperwork was blamed.

Well funded pro-bond group?

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