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Democrats Sue to Harvest Votes

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Today is election day, the last day to vote in a Texas election that hasn’t been marred by the disruptive vote harvesting tactic of rolling polling. The practice was ended during the 2019 legislative session by HB 1888.

Last week Democrats sued the state of Texas over the newly enacted law, a move that was wholly unsurprising.

Avid observers of the left in Texas, we’ve been tracking and covering the coordinated public relations campaign waged by Democrats through friendly media outlets like the Texas Tribune and third-party organizations for weeks as they worked up the lawsuit filing.

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Patrick Singles Out Abuse of Public Resources in Interim Charges

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This week, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick issued interim charges to be addressed ahead of the next legislative session. Included among his priority issues, election integrity.

Key among his charges was ending the abuse of government resources to campaign for candidates and causes. Needless to say, the left is upset. More on this in a bit.

The interim charge dealing with election integrity was delegated to the State Affairs Committee. Committees work interim issues to gather information, build consensus and craft legislation ahead of necessarily condensed regular legislative sessions.

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Election Integrity Roundup 10.27.19

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country.

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15 Charged in Connection with Voter Fraud Scheme

On Thursday 15 individuals were formally charged with illegal voting, save one defendant who was charged with both illegal voting and engaging in organized election fraud.

This particular group of individuals and others are connected to a plot that’s been in the news for some time stemming from the 2017 municipal elections in Edinburg, Texas.

Earlier this year, the mayor and his wife were arrested. A business associate of the mayor is also alleged to have been part of the conspiracy.

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that the City Secretary, in charge of facilitating local elections, was charged and would therefore not be administering the 2019 municipal election currently underway.

Making news this week in the ongoing saga was a comment from a family member of one of the accused.

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Will Governor Abbott defy President Trump?

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Dealing with non-citizens voting in Texas elections has become an unnecessary game of cat and mouse.

A recently reported effort by the Census Bureau is the latest flare-up and another front on which the left is fighting as it works to harbor illegal voters on Texas voting rolls.

On October 2, the Texas Department of Public Safety received a request from the Census Bureau requesting a monthly dataset including driver’s license and citizenship status information for those who have registered with the state.

As of this week, the DPS has not yet complied with the request, but it should. More on this shortly.

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Polling Suggests Immediate Action Needed

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A recent poll conducted by the Texas Lyceum focused among other things on the topic of election integrity and suggests that broad consensus and support exists for proposed reforms to Texas election law.

The poll results are interesting in that both the right and the left have been trumpeting the them but who really has the upper hand? Also, how do polling results dictate the direction and timing of implementing public policy?

Quick aside, as consumers and critics of polls, it’s generally accepted that results tend to be skewed to the left or right based on the poll’s author. For the sake of making observations, we’ll leave bias aside but note polling in Texas tends to show support of conservative policies even in polls conducted by the left.

Before getting to the current polling and what can be gleaned about the pecking order of the right and left on issues of election integrity, let’s look at one of the “surprise” results.

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