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People Over 65 Shouldn’t Fear Voting in Person

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Republican leaders have started to speak out against the operation to undermine elections in Texas.

It’s about time.

Liberal groups for the past two months have been suing to change Texas law via judicial fiat. The goal, manufacture some wins in November.

The maneuver, needed because the left has failed to win elections and enact law previously, is being peddled as public health protection during a pandemic. Still, to make their case, common sense must be suspended entirely.

For one, many elections in America and around the world have proven in-person voting to be safe. Wisconsin had between 52 and 71 individuals who voted come down with COVID19, depending on which study you consult.

This is a low number, startling low given the reasonable presumption that Democrats worked hard to prove their pre-election thesis that “forcing” an in-person election would lead to widespread illness and death.

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Broken Record; Leftwing Litigation Ploy

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Continuing a well-established theme, Democrats filed another lawsuit this week seeking to undermine elections in Texas.

Further frivolous actions were anticipated and teased after a ballot-by-mail age discrimination suit was filed last week.

Let’s watch a broken record spin till November.

Suit Designed by Pelosi

The latest legal gambit for universal mail-in balloting, brought by the Redistricting Foundation, would legalize vote harvesting (see California), pave a path to forged signatures, and blow up submission and counting deadlines.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been unsuccessful at passing laws to accomplish all of the above, so have Texas lawmakers of the most progressive strain. The fact that these bad ideas have failed to become law is a testament to our legislative process and the transparent nature of these and similar lawsuits.

These are bad ideas, aimed at manufacturing a result for a powerful minority, the Chinese Communist Party would approve.

Every time a lawsuit is filed, and at this point, the smart money is on more being filed, Texans need to be reminded, 2019 could have seen additional, needed safeguards enacted to ensure the sanctity of elections in our great state.

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Ready for a Fight in Dallas County?

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Yesterday, Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an advisory to election administrators and County Judges that they could face prosecution if they encourage voters who are not disabled to apply for disability mail-in ballots.

Now, Democrat John Wiley Price, a Dallas County Commissioner, has authored a resolution to do just that. A vote on the measure will take place Tuesday.

Vote harvesters in Dallas County not already working to swell the rolls with voters ineligible to vote by mail will undoubtedly kick into high gear should the resolution pass. Such activity welcomes fraud, abuse and stress on an already stressed election department.

The Wiley Price approach, similar to all Democrat efforts to upend the 2020 election, is built on not letting a crisis go to waste, and a flawed partisan interpretation of election law.

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In-person Voting is Safe

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Two weeks ago, the American left threw a collective hissy fit about Wisconsinites voting in person. The deployed hyperbole, people were going to vote, get sick, and die because balloting by mail was not expanded.

A review of Wisconsin coronavirus statistics one week after the election suggested that this wasn’t going to be the case. Two weeks on and the verdict is official, voting in person did not endanger or disenfranchise Wisconsin voters.

Ironically, mail-in ballots may have robbed some of their votes. Three tubs of mail-in ballots were lost in the shuffle, only to be discovered after the election.

For those keeping score at home, Republicans insisting on in-person voting did not reduce turnout or result in an increase in coronavirus transmission. The Democrat’s push for mail-in balloting may have actually disenfranchised voters.

Upending elections by expanding fraud-prone mail-in balloting, curbside voting or other novel, logistically cumbersome approaches inflicts unnecessary damage to trust in the democratic process.

Voting in 2020 should be carried out in the manner prescribed by law as previous elections have been, with the caveat that election workers clean religiously and have proper spacing and screening for in-person voting.

If distancing requirements mean additional polling locations need to be opened, election administrators are empowered with the ability to flex into additional sites.

Wisconsin isn’t the only example of successful in-person voting during the coronavirus outbreak. South Koreans voted in record in-person numbers last week with amped-up cleaning and screening in place.

It’s anticipated that South Korea will have similar results to Wisconsin since space and keeping things clean isn’t rocket science.

The media narrative that voters were risking life and limb is driving up angst, which is likely the point. Democrats have publicly stated that coronavirus is a crisis to be used in the service of pushing progressive policies that have failed to become law.

Wisconsin is now a great example of reality not matching the liberal narrative.

AG: Apply to Vote by Mail Illegally, Face Potential Prosecution

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Power grabs usually defy logic and the Democrat’s latest effort is no exception.

This afternoon Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office released a legal advisory stating publicly that fear of contracting COVID-19 does not qualify anyone to apply to vote by mail in upcoming state elections.

The advisory came shortly before a Travis County judge announced he would issue an opinion allowing anyone in the state to apply to vote by mail. The judge’s opinion is highly likely to be appealed and overturned.

It’s troubling that unconstitutional rulings are predictable from Travis County jurists but here we are.

The novel legal theory here is that coronavirus short-circuits longstanding state law outlining who can vote by mail, excluding those who don’t.

Universal voting by mail is not provided for in Texas law, neither is applying for fear of leaving home.

Coronavirus – inexplicably – stands in contrast to being struck by lightning, getting into a traffic accident, having a heart event while visiting a public restroom, or any other harm that can befall a Texan leaving home.

Republican lawmakers in Texas and Wisconsin have been careful not to act rashly when it comes to altering election administration during the fog of war phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

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