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Time to Protect Texas Elections

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Secretary of State Ruth Hughes and by extension her boss, Governor Greg Abbott is tasked with protecting Texas elections. A case can be made that both are failing to do their job.

With just 44 days till the election, there is a slew of election rules multiple elections officials are preparing to violate under the guise of “keeping voters safe.”

Unfortunately, these violations aren’t likely to increase safety, may lead to the disenfranchisement of voters, and will lead to lower trust in the final results.

Let’s examine just three items that can and must be remedied by the Governor and his Secretary of State and preview a possible fourth side-effect of inaction.

Limit Curbside Voting

Multiple counties are planning to expand curbside voting, including collecting mail-in ballots curbside.

For instance, in an interview with VICE News that aired on September 16, Chris Hollins outlined his plan to implement mass drive-thru voting in Harris County.

Drive-thru voting is not afforded to the election administrators (or clerks) in Texas law and according to health officials will not lower the risk of COVID19 transmission. In fact, the practice may increase the risk of spread.

Curbside voting is meant to be limited and reserved to individuals who are unable to safely enter the polling place to vote in person. Hollins is nakedly breaking the law.

In Travis County, Dana DeBeauvoir is planning to expand in-person drop-off of mail-in ballots with drive-thru centers two weeks before the start of early voting.

This perversion of the rule of law is made possible by Governor Abbott and an executive order he issued expanding in-person mail-in ballot drop off options. Failure to amend the order and stop illegal activity is squarely on Abbott.

24 Hour Voting

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2020 Election Lawsuit Update

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Late Friday, Attorney General Ken Paxton announced he would be appealing yet another lower court decision green-lighting Democrat election shenanigans.

This is the latest legal maneuver in a week that saw several developments; let’s walk through them in turn, start with the good, working our way to the ugly.

5th Circuit upholds current Texas election law

On Thursday, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas election law, as it pertains to balloting by mail eligibility, should remain unchanged.

The argument presented in this case and rejected is that allowing voting by mail universally for those 65 and older but not younger voters constitutes age discrimination.

Texas election law for mail-in balloting has been unchanged and unchallenged for years. It’s just now, ahead of a competitive election, that novel legal arguments are being lobbed at an increasingly distrusted system.

This ruling will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court but faces long odds of success. The court has already denied the case fast track status, and the election is just weeks away from early voting.

Hack Sandill rules for buddy Hollins

On Friday, R.K. Sandill ruled Harris County could mail applications to vote by mail to all its 2.4 million registered voters. That ruling has been appealed. The state accurately argued that mailing ballots to every voter would induce illegal applications.

Chris Hollins, the interim Harris County Clerk, is running roughshod over election law and misleading voters to apply for mail-in ballots, potentially disenfranchising thousands of voters in the process.

Sandill, a hack jurist, suggested in part that the state is being inconsistent since it did not sue to stop the mailing of applications to voters 65 and older ahead of the primary run-off. Lesson learned, don’t give an inch and remember Greg; these radicals aren’t playing ball.

Of course, the mailing incoherently cited by Sandill exposed zero voters to the likelihood of committing a crime since all voters 65, and older are qualified under the law to vote by mail. Hollin’s latest stunt appears aimed at getting non-qualified individuals to register for a mail-in ballot.

Harris County, under the watch of Hollins, has published misleading materials about who is qualified to vote by mail, almost assuredly resulting in healthy and, therefore, non-qualifying voters applying to vote by mail.

A sudden surge in voting by mail will bog down the voting process, especially the tabulation of votes on election day, a delay that may lead to increased distrust of the election result.

According to a review of campaign finance reports, Judge Sandill has received multiple political contributions from Hollins, including $500 this year.

Democrat lackey judge keeps on trucking

Finally, unless appealed, Texas will count hundreds if not thousands of votes that should be thrown out after Bexar County judge Orlando Garcia ruled, in a year-old case that verifying mail-in ballots by signature is unconstitutional.

The suit resurrected to get rid of one of the only mechanisms against cheating the mail-in ballot system is, like other suits and rulings, a ploy to remove any semblance of election integrity and destabilize the electoral system that is deeply distrusted thanks to these efforts.

Garcia is racking up an impressive record of anti-integrity rulings ahead of the 2020 election. A few weeks back he ordered the state of Texas to register voters based on an online driver’s license application.

The online voter registration ruling was anticipated as Garcia issued a similar ruling based on a nearly identical fact pattern in 2016. That ruling was eventually overturned.

This is just another example of Democrats using an activist judge to upended long-standing practices ahead of the election, introducing chaos that Russians couldn’t hope to rival.

There is no indication a change in registration is needed or mandated under the Motor Voter Act. Still, Democrats seeking to make Texas the next California, are pushing for automatic registration that has to lead to tens of thousands of non-citizens being inaccurately added to the voter rolls.

There are many reasons to oppose such a move.

Texas is seeing unprecedented numbers of voters registered, and allowing online voter registration would likely weaken an already compromised voter roll.

Protect Your Vote 2020: Quick Guides*

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It is absolutely crucial that everyone is fully prepared for this election. 2020 has thrown many parts of our world into chaos, the election process is no exception. We have seen countless attempts to thwart whole sections of the Election Code from court battles to blatantly unlawful actions. Do not allow a lack of knowledge or a lack of action destroy the integrity of our elections. 

Use the guides below to educate and prepare yourself for the battle ahead. Whether you serve on the front lines as an Election Judge/Clerk, in a supporting role as Poll Watcher, or simply spread the word and educate yourself and your friends, you must step up and do your part.

We have provided these guides in PNG format. Please feel free to download, print, and share them. If you have any questions, contact us at

Get Informed and Get Involved!

Quick Guide for Voters: Front / Back

Quick Guide for Voters-By Mail: Front / Back

Quick Guide for Activists and Campaigns: Front / Back

Quick Guide for Election Judges and Clerks: Coming Soon

Quick Guide for Poll Watchers: Coming Soon

Quick Guide for the Ballot Board: Front

Quick Guide for the Signature Verification Committee: Front / Back

*The linked documents are just guides. Direct Action Texas is not a legal firm and cannot give legal advice. Always refer to the Texas Election Code, Texas Secretary of State, and your County Elections Office.

Dana DeBeauvoir, Another Democrat Lackey, Ignores Election Law

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Dana DeBeauvoir, like her counterpart Chris Hollins in Harris County, is subverting the rule of law and proving that calls for election integrity in 2019 should have been answered.

Using coded terms, DeBeauvoir is pushing universal mail-in balloting in Travis County, in an effort to nullify a Supreme Court ruling clarifying that healthy Texans can NOT apply for a mail-in ballot as disabled

To do this, DeBeauvoir, with the help of the media, is saying come one come all I won’t check to see if you’re lying on these forms. To make matters worse, DeBeauvoir is going a step further and holding the election before she’s supposed to have the election.

DeBeauvoir is planning to start receiving ballots in person on October 1, almost two weeks before the start of early voting. The loophole DeBeauvoir is driving her semi through is open because of an emergency order from Governor Abbott

Governor Abbott can and should stop this perversion of law and abusive power grab.

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Hollins, the Hack in Harris County

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The liberal hack running Harris County elections is doing his dead-level-best to have droves of Texans break election law. In his radical fervor, he might be undermining participation in the 2020 election.

An early afternoon announcement yesterday from Harris County stated applications to vote by mail will be sent to all registered voters next month.

In addition, to being a waste of taxpayer dollars, this maneuver (if it’s not halted) ensures voters who are ineligible to vote by mail will apply to vote by mail.

This needs to be stopped now by Governor Abbott.

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