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Illegal Voting Conviction Upheld

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On Thursday, an appeals court upheld the five-year prison sentence of a Texas woman convicted of illegally voting.

Crystal Mason, on parole for defrauding the federal government in a tax prep scheme, was convicted of illegally voting in the 2016 election.

Mason and her attorneys (ACLU) claim she was never told she wasn’t allowed to vote. She was.

At her initial trial, multiple letters sent to Mason’s home after her federal conviction informing her she had been removed from the voter rolls and was ineligible to vote were produced.

Additionally, the provisional ballot that Mason read and signed stated that, if she was on probation, she was ineligible to vote. Mason, who had a parole officer, signed that declaration.

How weak is the claim that she didn’t know? So weak it wasn’t made the basis of her appeal. Instead, Mason’s appeal was based on the fact that her provisional ballot wasn’t counted.

So, she broke the law but shouldn’t be punished, novel.

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Houston has a problem

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Houston has a problem, and its name is Diane Trautman.

This week, national attention turned to Texas as long lines at the Texas Southern University campus caused voters to wait for several hours to vote.

Hillary Clinton called the lines a poll tax. If she’s right, this poll tax was in part self-imposed and in part the fault of Diane, the Democrat County Clerk in charge of administering the election.

Early voting across Texas lasts for ten days. Lines at polling places on those days are nonexistent. Yet, turnout over those ten days equals or is less than voting on election day in many counties.

Long lines at the 11th hour are due to procrastination, not disenfranchisement.

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Platform Planks

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After a review of the Republican party platform, below are our recommendations on the subject of elections administration and security.

Plank 189

With the widespread adoption of hybrid voting systems mandated paper ballots backups and risk-limiting audits should be required.

We support and call for mandated paper ballot backups and risk-limiting audits.

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Election Integrity Roundup 3.1.2020

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country. Some of these stories may have already been shared via our social media accounts, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Wisconsin Court Strikes Down List Maintenance

On Friday, an appeals court in Wisconsin struck down an attempt by the state’s election commission to remove 209,000 individuals from the voter rolls.

The 209,000 voters at issue are suspected to have moved out of the state.

Currently, Texas has tens of thousands of voters on its own rolls that are duplicates, have moved, have died, are non-citizens, or are ineligible to vote as felons.

Inaccuracies in voter roll data make it easier for maladministration and fraud to enter into elections.

FLASHBACK: Democrat Election Official Admits Noncitizens, Felons Voting

Non-citizens are voting in elections across America and leftwing activists are protecting this illegal behavior, disenfranchising legal voters.

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Convicted of Voter Fraud, Maria Ortega in the Process of Being Deported

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Maria Ortega, convicted of voter fraud in 2017 is in the process of being deported. After her initial conviction, which was subsequently upheld in 2019, Ortega spent nearly a year in prison before she was granted parole.

At the time of her conviction, deportation following her sentence was baked in for the lawful permanent resident after she falsified voter registration records and voted.

Since her arrest and over the course of her trial, the left has worked to minimize her case and trivialize her fraud along with voter fraud generally. In Ortega’s case and others, the left portrays perpetrators of fraud as the victims and prosecutions as witch hunts.

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