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Tactical Roundup No. 1

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Staying on top of the tactics used to steal elections is an important task. In this series, cases from Texas and around the country are briefly highlighted to expose methods used to manipulate elections.

This week, a Hoboken, New Jersey man pleaded guilty to participating in a voter bribery scheme, that included paying for votes. He’s the third of five to plead guilty in this case which is interesting for a couple of reasons.

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Left Protecting, Promoting Illegal Voting in Texas

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During the Texas legislative session and more recently, the petulance of the left has brought into sharp contrast an electoral edge that needs to end, non-citizens voting. Currently, Texas is not actively removing non-citizens from voter rolls, and these non-citizens are voting.

A key figure pushing to undermine accurate elections in Texas and nationally is Stacey Abrams.

Last month, Abrams was in Texas, speaking at a fundraiser for the liberal political committee, Annie’s List. During the stop, Abrams accused Republicans of “erasing Democracy.” Actually, it’s Abrams and other progressive radicals eroding Democracy.

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Texas Stiff Arming D.C. Democrats

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Protecting the vote of every eligible voter is a civil rights fight. This is why pursuing fraud and working to limit inaccuracies in election administration by maintaining accurate voter rolls is of vital importance. Any election where these elements are questioned is one that undermines the trust of the citizenry.

Earlier in the month, the attorney general’s office responded a second time to Washington Democrats seeking information from Texas on voter list maintenance and voter fraud investigations; stiff arm applied.

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URGENT: Calls needed for election integrity

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With only 19 days left in the legislative session, four Senate bills needed to ensure election integrity await a hearing in the House. These bills need your urgent support.

All of the bills (listed below) have passed the Senate but need to be set for a hearing in the House. House Elections Committee Chairwoman Klick, despite having the power to call all of these bills for multiple weeks, has failed to take action. The clock is running out on these crucial reforms.

Please call Chairwoman Klick and ask her to add SB 9, SB 901, and SB 903 by Senator Hughes and SB 205 by Perry to her hearing list for May 13th. Please remember to always be polite when calling.

If you have time, call other members of the Elections Committee and implore them to call on Chairwoman Klick to act immediately. Contact information is listed below.

Waiting for Committee Hearing in House:

SB 9 by Hughes – Relating to election integrity; increasing criminal penalties; creating a criminal offense; creating civil penalties. This is an omnibus bill with provisions curbing all aspects of election fraud. It doesn’t fix everything, which is why we need additional bills, but it is a huge step in the right direction.

SB 205 by Perry – Relating to the use of information from the lists of noncitizens excused or disqualified from jury service. This bill addresses non-citizens who self-identify as such when they are called to serve on jury duty. Not only are they removed from the rolls, but their names are given to the Office of the Attorney General to potentially prosecute if they have been voting illegally.
SB 901 by Hughes – Relating to election integrity; increasing a criminal penalty. This bill focuses mainly on mail-in ballot fraud. It cleans up the language, raises penalties, and requires that ballots cast by mail are counted separately.

SB 903 by Hughes – Relating to the integrity of elections in this state; imposing a civil penalty; increasing a criminal penalty. This bill addresses removing felons from the voter rolls tightens the requirements for verifying citizenship requires data sharing with the Social Security Administration, hold voter registrars accountable with civil penalties, and requires the reporting of violations (people voting illegally) to the Office of the Attorney General.

House Elections Committee Chairwoman Stephanie Klick
Capitol Office: (512) 463-0599

Representative Dustin Burrows
Capitol Office: (512) 463-0542

Representative Briscoe Cain
Capitol Office: (512) 463-0733

Representative Mayes Middleton
Capitol Office: (512) 463-0502

Representative Valoree Swanson
Capitol Office: (512) 463-0572

Election Complaint Filed in Arlington Against Kennedy Jones

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Today an election complaint was filed in Arlington against Kennedy Jones, currently running for Arlington City Council District 5. According to the complaint, Jones is ineligible to be on the ballot because of residency issues.

The complaint notes and public records reflect that Jones’ residence at the time he registered to run for office was not in Arlington but in fact in Mansfield. Whatsmore, Jones had not been living in Arlington for the six months leading up to his filing to run for office, having a consistent voting record over the years, as a resident of Mansfield.

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