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Direct Action Texas finds election irregularities in Webb County Texas – files complaints with the Texas Secretary of State

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS (March 8, 2019) — Today, Direct Action Texas (DAT) filed 7 formal complaints with the Texas Secretary of State’s elections division regarding voting irregularities in Webb County, Texas.

Following a review of mail in ballots from last year’s Democratic Primary, DAT discovered over a hundred election code violations. It is clear from the evidence that, similar to other counties, there appears to be an illegal, mail in ballot harvesting operation in Webb County.

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Democrat Judge Blocks Removal of Non-citizen Voters

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San Antonio U.S. District Court Judge Fred Biery has ruled that non-citizens cannot be removed from Texas voter rolls without checking with him first.

The ruling has been criticized as judicial overreach and a decision that needs to be challenged.

The ruling handed down Wednesday was issued despite non-citizens in the past month voluntarily asking to be removed from voter rolls and in some cases illegally voting.

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Halfbaked Voter ID Expansion Proposed

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State Rep. Erin Zwiener (D-Driftwood) has filed legislation that would allow student IDs to be used as voter ID in Texas.

As is the case with many bills aimed at elections, this bill has consequences not highlighted in a press release or mainstream media regurgitation.

Filed on Tuesday, HB 1950 would amend current state law regarding voter ID adding, “an identification card issued by a public institution of higher education located in this state that contains the person’s photograph.”

Currently, acceptable forms of photo ID include a Texas driver’s license or election ID card issued by DPS, a U.S. military identification card that contains the person’s photograph, a U.S. citizenship certificate, a U.S passport, or a concealed carry permit, also issued by the DPS. Photo IDs must not have expired or expired no earlier than four years before the date of presentation.

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Counties NOT Required to Check Potential Non-Citizens

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Counties are not required to investigate and remove potential non-citizens registered to vote in Texas elections.

This week, Director of Elections in the Texas Secretary of State’s office, Keith Ingram confirmed that counties are not statutorily required to act on information sent to them by the SoS. Potentially tens of thousands of non-citizens have been identified by the SoS as registered to vote.

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Media Mischaracterizes Whitley’s Confirmation

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When the appointed chief elections officer of the state of Texas won’t play political games with grandstanding senators, it’s safe to say he’s a keeper.

It’s also safe to say, the yellow journalists on 9th have reached shameful levels of lobbying against David Whitley, lobbying that continued after yesterday’s hearing.

Whitley, appointed by Governor Greg Abbott in December to Secretary of State has been working with counties to verify the citizenship status of registered voters. This is a required activity for the Secretary of State to perform.

At a hearing yesterday before the Nominations Committee, Whitley avoided missteps and provided more context for what’s been happening over the last month and year as it regards safeguarding Texas elections.

Just how well did it go?

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