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Secretary of State Falls for Bait and Switch?

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A week after the Secretary of State granted Dallas County permission to conduct countywide elections moving forward, Dallas County Commissioners announced they were going to up-end its established and tested election equipment.

Early this week, concerns about election security were cited in the media and used to abandon electronic poll book equipment used in November’s election. In its place Dallas County plans to substitute a competitor’s version, sparking speculation that the move was just another in a long line of vendor skirmishes in the election space.

There is no indication that the November election was misconducted or that the voting systems in place were compromised as suggested in the media.

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Security of County Sites Conflated with Systems

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The recently concluded 2019 might best be known for the spread of misleading information.

Fake news has been around for years but there’s a new and growing sense of desperation about the direction of the country from those on the left that has fundamentally changed the degree and tone of their efforts.

In December, the League of Women Voters released a “scorecard” that suggested 80 percent of county election websites in the state are not secure. Reporting on this “shocking” statistic did a poor job of identifying what is being measured by the LWV and what are not affected, namely the security of our elections.

County websites lacking SSL certificates does not affect the security of elections. No information about voters or votes is transmitted across county websites in Texas.

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Election Integrity Roundup 1.5.20

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country.

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Voter ID Blocked in N.C

Last week, U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs ruled North Carolina can not require voter ID in 2020.

Her ruling states the law is “procedurally unobjectional” [read legal] but that it passed too soon after another version was deemed unconstitutional. Biggs rested her ruling on the tried and true legal theory of “something being amiss.”

Recent polling in Texas on Voter ID suggests it’s only controversial when the media and liberals are interested in driving a narrative to stop the practice. As soon as the legal battle is lost, the public, including most Democrats support the common-sense practice.

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MISD and its allies continue to spin

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MISD’s public relations offensive continues.

At the start of the week, MISD’s pro-bond cheerleaders rightly questioned the chain of custody of the over 800 ballots discovered Monday. Later that same day, the cheerleaders asked a judge to count all “legal” ballots.

In the press, this was portrayed as MISD wanting to make sure all votes were counted, including the 800+ they’d previously thrown under the bus. Rick Davis suggested the found votes be tallied and added to the previous recount.

In addition to being slapdash, this suggested approach is likely not allowed. Continued fits and starts in election execution and messaging are why Midland voters are uncomfortable about this election.

MISD leadership has suggested it knows there’s no trust in this election. A new bond was suggested earlier in the week by MISD leadership but continued posturing suggests this may have been a head-fake.

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Trust in Midland ISD Bond Election Irrevocably Destroyed

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Surprise, the story and result of Midland’s recent bond election have once again changed according to Midland County Election Administrator Deborah Land.

Yesterday, Land announced the recount of November’s election was wrong, insisting the election night totals were accurate.

Even on election night, there were questions about the count since a machine tasked with counting mail-in ballots was on the fritz and had to be replaced.

In any case, assuming that the election night result was correct, following the receipt of additional ballots and provisionally cast ballots the bond was shown to have failed.

This latest development is sure to drive up tensions in an already fraught situation.

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