Bad Ideas From Leftist Panel

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Last week a partisan panel put together by the Texas Tribune helped solidify a few things for the viewing and more likely the not viewing public.

First, the Tribune is biased in its selection and reporting. As we’ve previously highlighted here, here, here, and here the outfit has an agenda to shape state policy in the image prescribed by the left, a political elite more inline with New York and California sensibilities.

Impaneled by the Tribune were a Democrat member of the Texas House, two Democrat County Election Officials, and a Democrat County Clerk. Needless to say, policy prescriptions from this group were predictably bad.

When asked the number one thing she would like to see changed, Representative Celia Israel (D-Austin) said she would like for student IDs to be an acceptable form of voter ID.

During the 2019 legislative session, freshman Democrat State Rep. Erin Zwiener (D-Driftwood) authored legislation to accomplish this goal.

As we noted during the session, there are major issues with allowing student IDs to be used as a form of voter identification including these IDs do not typically have expiration dates, are easily forged and do not have addresses. All other forms of identification used for voter ID correspond to an address to which the holder is registered to vote, a vital tool for disambiguation.

Also, all other forms of ID used to verify voters have a commonality in that they have citizenship in mind. Student IDs do not.

Current Texas law allowing for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and resident non-citizens means non-citizens are enrolled and issued student IDs. When asked about IDs issued to non-citizens during the session, UT officials confirmed all students are issued uniform identification upon enrollment.

Next up in bad idea land, online voter registration was proposed by Bexar County Election Administrator Jacquelyn F. Callanen. First, no credible claim can be made that registering to vote in Texas is difficult. Currently, Texas is nearing 90% of the voting-age population being registered to vote.

Adding online voter registration will needlessly complicate an already taxed system that has known issues with incorrectly registered individuals, including non-citizens. Keep in mind, during the 2016 election the only known system breach was of an online voter registration system in Illinois.

Additionally, the potential for fraud and abuse of such a system abound and would likely remove known checks for identifying and prosecuting voter fraud.

Harris County’s newly elected Democrat County Clerk’s proposed that all counties be forced to conduct joint primaries. During the session, there were several bills seeking to mandate joint elections and while efficiency and continuity are admirable aims, the decision to conduct joint primaries should be left to the respective county party infrastructure.

While Williamson County’s Election Administrator Chris Davis is a bad actor based on his testimony during the legislative session, his suggestion that the Secretary of State be an elected official was the best offered.

Still, there are far more pressing issues that need to be addressed, including, list maintenaice, prosecutorial and transparency upgrades that were proposed during the session and fought by the Tribune and its panelists.

According to a tweet sent during the discussion, the Secretary of State’s office refused to send a representative to take part in the sham show. Given the aggressive fake news narratives pepetrated by the Tribune against the SoS, it’s hardly surprising.

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