Blue Wave of Litigation

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The blue wave, bandied about in reference to winning elections in 2020, might more accurately refer to the tsunami of lawsuits filed by leftists to try and manufacture a favorable electoral outcome in November.

As predicted, Texas Democrats have fired up the lawsuit machine following the primary run-off ahead of the November election.

Last week two voters and civil rights groups sued the state of Texas to enforce rules that may not be needed in November.

One of the practices that the lawsuit seeks to expand is curbside voting. During the 2019 legislative session, there were attempts to expand this practice that failed.

As was the case with expanding mail-in balloting for the primary election, altering curbside voting without debate and votes from duly elected representatives of the people should be shunned.

This is yet another power grab masquerading as good governance and like the many other lawsuits filed by Democrats this election cycle, thrown out.

Previous suits have suggested that voting is unsafe but there is scant evidence to back up this claim. In fact, elections across the country have been run in-person with not correlation to increases in COVID19 cases.

Further, it’s been stated that the coronavirus will keep people from the polls. In fact, Texas’ primary run-off election, with it’s expanded early voting period outperformed a similar such election held in 2016.

Like other suits before it, this one includes inaccurate representations of how the coronavirus currently making its way through America acts or is predicted to act.

For instance, the plaintiffs claim that voters will be subjected to aerosolized particles and risk infection. According to the World Health Organization as reported by NPR these particles “play a limited role in coronavirus spread.”

The WHO recommends taking specific precautions (like wearing a mask) “against aerosols only in hospital settings during specific procedures such as inserting a breathing tube into a patient.”

Also retread in the lawsuit is an attempt to end the practice of rolling polling that enabled selective harvesting at the expense of certainty about polling locations.

Coverage of this latest suit includes drum-beating about Governor Abbott’s prematurely announced expansion of early voting in the November general election.

The suit was filed by Mi Familia Vota and the Texas NAACP.

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