Byron Cook’s Best Hope.

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ByronCookIf you’ve been paying any amount of attention you know that folks in Hill County are anything but competent at running their elections. To date, no one can actually tell us what the results of the election were, and each time someone attempts to calculate the figure, more questions are raised than are answered.

I’ve learned a lot through this experience.

For starters, I’ve learned that no one is watching. No one is double-checking election results. No one is holding election administrators accountable. No one is ensuring election integrity. No one is watching county chairs.

No one has the job, in Texas, to ensure our elections are accurate—not the Secretary of State, and not the Attorney General. Alas, there is no government statute explicitly assigning that job to any agency or elected official. Your local elections administrator doesn’t have clear statutory requirement to ensure election integrity – so as we’ve seen in Tarrant and Hill – they simply don’t.

There is NO ONE guarding the hen house.

I’ve also learned that, even when the county publicly announces the published election results are incorrect, there is NOTHING that can be done about it.

I’ve learned that in exposing an erroneous election, a lot can be gleaned from the fact that, of the 66 candidates on the republican primary ballot, only two have lawyered up – Byron Cook and Will Orr (who are one and the same). Pretty odd given the fact that to date no one has accused either of wrongdoing. It begs the question – what do they know that the public does not?

Here are the facts – the public will never know the real results of that election. That is Byron Cook’s best hope. There are 4 or more elections potentially affected by this erroneous election outcome. The Republican Party of Texas’ lawyer, another Byron Cook crony, is claiming that all is well and voters are not due a proper accounting of the election. I wonder if republican voters agree with the RPT’s general council?

The fact that this election and ensuing investigation raises more questions than answers should be problematic to all Texans. All of this is occurring as the national discussion about voter fraud is alive and well. The left gets away with selling the narrative that voter fraud doesn’t really exist, meanwhile, there is no one guarding the hen house…so how do we know?

The reality is we have no idea how much voter fraud and election fraud is going on because our system is designed in such a way as to make ensuring its accuracy, or lack thereof, practically impossible. How do we know how much vote fraud is actually occurring if no one is keeping record?

Given the magnitude of this important issue, we must reform the election code to restore integrity to the process. Real, impactful reform with clearly assigned guards to protect the hen house. That is Texan’s best hope. Will the state legislature step up? Or have too many of them benefited from, or are indifferent to, a lax system?

The 85th session will be very telling.

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