Texas Senate Candidate Raised Taxes But Didn’t Pay Her Own for Years

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Beverly Powell, candidate for Senate District 10 in Tarrant County, has had 8 different liens placed against her for unpaid taxes since 2003. According to tax lien documents, she owed over $20,000 in state and federal taxes. While on the Burleson ISD School Board she voted to raise the taxes of others, yet she wasn’t fully paying her own. This type of hypocrisy is a clear indication of the type of leadership she would provide, one which makes laws she believes she doesn’t have to follow. The residents of Senate District 10 deserve better.

Courtesy of the Konni Burton website:

Yesterday, during a recording for a debate between my opponent and me on WFAA, Beverly Powell outright lied when she denied having been sued to pay over $7,000 in property taxes she owed. It’s not up for debate. It’s a matter of public record. In fact, click the documents below and go to page 20.

Now 24 hours later, she’s acknowledging her legal problems over property taxes but making excuses for herself.

Maybe if this was a single occurrence her excuses would be acceptable, but unfortunately this is anything but a single lapse in judgment. Beverly Powell has a long, well documented history of failing to pay taxes. In the documents below you will also see that since 2003 Powell has had 8 different liens placed against her for failing to pay $22,585 in various state and federal taxes. Yet once elected to school board she was more than happy to vote to raise property taxes on every single home and business owner. Hypocrisy, much?

Mrs. Powell wants to represent nearly one million Texans, but I doubt those same Texans take kindly to a tax-and-spend liberal whose tax policy is “for thee but not for me”.

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