Update: The Residency Game

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Direct Action Texas (DAT) has now filed an official election complaint with the Texas Secretary of State (SoS) concerning Jay Harris of Denton County. DAT recently reported on his problematic application for Precinct Chair of precinct 4006. On his application Harris lists his address as 900 Bluebonnet, but Harris actually lives in precinct 1015, at 2221 Hollyhill.

Not only are the two precincts on opposites sides of the city, they also have different representation. For instance, while Harris should be voting in Senate District 12, he will be voting in Senate District 30, potentially illegally. The people he currently represents are not his neighbors. He doesn’t live in their community. He has to drive almost 20 minutes to get there from his actual residence.

He could run against the current precinct chair in 1015, but that would unseat his daughter, Jennifer Harris, who lives with her parents. Jay Harris’s wife and daughter are both registered to vote at 2221 Hollyhill. His driver license even says he lives at 2221 Hollyhill. Are the voters to believe he lives separately from his family and just hasn’t had time to update his license? Doubtful.

As of today, it is up to the SoS to decide if they will refer the case to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) for investigation. DAT has alleged two violations: Penal Code 37.10, tampering with a governmental record, and Election Code 64.012, illegal voting.

Even if the SoS and OAG fail to act, the voters of precinct 4006 should. Find someone to run for Precinct Chair in 2020. Find someone that truly represents your neighborhood, not someone misrepresenting himself to gain a title.



You Had One Job Tarrant County GOP

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The results of the race for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 could be determined by the failures of a County Chair and his staff. A judge will now decide which of the candidates in this race will remain on the ballot.

Precinct 3 incumbent, Justice of the Peace Russell Casey, filed suit against Tarrant County Republican Chairman Tim O’Hare, claiming O’Hare violated Election Law when he denied Casey’s petition to have his challengers removed from the ballot. According to Casey, the Tarrant County GOP (TCGOP) did not properly complete William “Bill” Brandt’s and Leonard “Lenny” Lopez’s petition signature paperwork for ballot access.

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What is the Fort Worth ISD School Board Hiding?

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Direct Action Texas (DAT) called out the Fort Worth ISD School Board for ditching their ethics policy just before voting on a $750 million bond package. We opined that certain Board Trustees made the decision because they may be unable to adhere to the new policy and cash in on the massive bond. So, they buried its repeal in a long, vaguely worded consent agenda.

Other Trustees were outraged when they discovered the subterfuge, feeling tricked into voting out the merely three-month-old policy. Even the liberal Fort Worth Star Telegram weighed in against the removal of the policy with a serious of articles including this scathing rebuke from the Editorial Board. As outlined in another FWST piece, the Board is still in turmoil over what “ethics” means in Fort Worth.

Ethics and transparency aren’t just an issue for the Fort Worth ISD Board. The trouble extends to district staff, struggling with even the most basic of open records requests. DAT filed a request with Fort Worth ISD for Campaign Finance Reports (CFRs) filed by Political Action Committees (PACs). Now, almost 3 months later, the PACs’ reports have still not been produced.

DAT has followed the rules. We sent our request in writing. We received confirmation. We waited the full 10 business days, as required by law. We took the only next step and sent a violation letter to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). The OAG then sent Fort Worth ISD a demand letter telling them to produce the information. Yet still we wait. Why? What are they hiding? Is the Fort Worth ISD trying to hide information or are they simply inept?

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False CPS Reports Against Bo French – Part 2

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A couple weeks ago DAT broke the story on the false CPS report filed against Bo French and his wife. It has been described as the dirtiest political move in recent Texas politics.

The suit describes a series of events which lead to the complaint, but one event in particular triggered the story – messages sent out by Constable Clint Burgess. During early voting Constable Burgess sent these messages, and others, out to dozens of people. Direct Action Texas has obtained copies of the messages from several sources. They are lengthy and available HERE.

While there are several demonstrably false statements in Constable Burgess’s messages, the French’s suit specifically mentions Constable Burgess’s claim that law enforcement had been sent to the French residence on numerous occasions for “domestic situations”.

When a member of law enforcement makes a claim like this, reasonable people believe him. As a law enforcement officer, Clint has knowledge as to whether or not the allegation is true. Surely a constable wouldn’t be spreading a demonstrable lie around, in writing none the less, right? Read More

Dirty Tricks: The Residency Game

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Jay Harris is the Republican Precinct Chair of Precinct 4006 in Denton County. However, Mr. Harris doesn’t actually live in Precinct 4006.

Harris owns a property in 4006, where he is also registered to vote, but he actually lives in Precinct 1015. Precinct Chair is not a government position, and is certainly low on the totem pole of party officials, but the precinct chair is supposed to represent their neighbors in the area where they live.

Why should Jay Harris “represent” his precinct, when he lives on the other side of the city?

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