How Many Missing Voters Is Too Many?

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Earlier this summer Direct Action Texas looked into several of the March 1st Republican Primary races. Hill County’s election quickly garnered our attention.

We found that 19.29% of their official election results did NOT have voters to go along with the alleged votes. It is a basic principle that for every vote cast there must be one voter to match up with said vote. In the case of Hill County, they posted 9,038 votes having been cast, yet their official election file only had 7,518 voters marked as having voted, but it gets better. Read More

Scope Creep: Some “Needs” are more important than others.

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Carrollton Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Wilder

Carrollton Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Wilder

On Wednesday, April 27th, the State Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform & Relief met in Arlington to receive public testimony.  During the hearing, I had the opportunity to testify. The chairman, State Sen. Chairman Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston), posed a question to me regarding the spending problem during my testimony.

Below is his question and my response. Read More

Taxpayer Funded Government Lobbyists: Are You Unknowingly Funding a Lobbyist?

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The 84th Legislative session in Austin was fun to watch. An intriguing debate was had surrounding “Local Control”. This debate will only grow and take higher priority on the floor of the House in upcoming sessions.

The debate about local control stems around what Austin can legislate in regards to local governments–cities, counties and special purpose districts. Often lost in this debate is the fact that those governments are themselves creations of the state; therefore the state has complete oversight.

As with any debate, there are citizens on both sides…but some citizens have more of a voice than others.

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