Democrats Sue to Harvest Votes

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Today is election day, the last day to vote in a Texas election that hasn’t been marred by the disruptive vote harvesting tactic of rolling polling. The practice was ended during the 2019 legislative session by HB 1888.

Last week Democrats sued the state of Texas over the newly enacted law, a move that was wholly unsurprising.

Avid observers of the left in Texas, we’ve been tracking and covering the coordinated public relations campaign waged by Democrats through friendly media outlets like the Texas Tribune and third-party organizations for weeks as they worked up the lawsuit filing.

While the suit claims young voters are being disenfranchised by the end of rolling polling at college campuses, the practice of rolling polling has not only ended on college campuses but completely.

Texas universities are surrounded by permanent voting locations, a fact that will undermine the claims levied in the case.

While the left messages it’s a tired suppression talking point, the practice of rolling polling is nothing more than selective harvesting, undermining the veracity of elections by harvesting votes from preferred locations and blocs. For instance, shuttling polls around school district campuses where the party bosses can make sure staff vote for a bond measure or tax increase. 

At the same time, given the nomadic nature of these polling places, paradoxically, the same voters being “aided” are the same that could be disenfranchised. Here today, gone tomorrow is not something anyone should be looking for in an early voting location.

One thing not mentioned in the mainstream coverage of HB 1888, it passed the legislature with bipartisan support.

This support doesn’t matter in the end because, what would be a good Johnnie Cochranism is true, no matter what you do, they’re gonna sue.

No matter how common sense a reform might be, Democrats are going to sue to protect election advantages. In fact, it’s likely that the more common sense the reform, the more likely it is to be sued.

Voter ID is a good case in point. Texas worked to implement, any election law that Republicans in leadership move is likely to be countered with litigation from the left.

Democrats in Texas are defending an illegal block of voters. Defending swaths of illegitimate votes include being hyper-aggressive even when prescribed policies are supported by common sense and the majority of Texans.

Now that the legal fight against Voter ID has been exhausted and the PR campaign with it, polling shows the vast majority of Texans, 81% favor showing a valid ID before voting. This figure includes 72% of Democrats polled.

Again, given the fact that no matter what you do, they’re gonna sue (Cochranism) Republicans ought to legislate without countenancing constant threats of litigation from the left.

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