Chaotic by Liberal Design; The Georgia-Texas Connection

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When it comes to election administration, Liberals are acting in bad faith.

This well-worn truth has been exacerbated by the coronavirus but would have been on full display in 2020 even without a novel virus from China.

Here’s the pattern we can discern.

Liberals call for massive fundamental changes, these demands, if they are won, throw the system into chaos. Then, this chaos is decried by liberals who demand further changes.

At the same time radical changes are being requested, reforms meant to safeguard and streamline elections in a measured way are killed.

While this is the approach by the left to running elections it’s also an image of what liberals want to do with the U.S. government. Disrupt, distort, destroy, and replace.

This week’s 2020 primary election in Georgia is an example of this and the pattern of behavior we’ve seen in Texas.

Following the 2018 election, whining about the election in Georgia, lead by Democrat darling Stacey Abrams, lead to the state purchasing new voting equipment.

An opinion piece published by the New York Times in 2018 insisted Georgia scrap its voting hardware because of vulnerability to hackers, and Abrams sued the state and forced new machines before the 2020 election.

Fast forward to this week, and the new machines played a critical part in delays at polling places resulting in long lines. Accurate postmortems place mismanagement blame on Democrat-run counties, like Fulton, for incorrectly allocating resources.

Texas, in our 2020 primary elections, had similar issues in Harris County. Long lines were attributable to mismanagement including machine allocation and a county-run app sending voters to already slammed polling locations.

Rather than stay on through the 2020 election, Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman resigned.

Following both elections, the liberal media reliably carried the voter suppression talking point aimed at Republicans who didn’t run either election or, in the case of voters caught in long lines on election day, procrastinate and instead voted during early voting.

In 2019, liberals in Texas fought against efforts to clarify election code, remove non-citizens from voter rolls, increase the ability of law enforcement to pursue fraud, and adoption of measures aimed at curbing in person manipulation.

Abrams came to Texas during the session as a vocal advocate for keeping voting rolls packed with lapsed registrations and has, in the past, said she would not oppose non-citizens voting in local elections.

Any crisis that exists has been manufactured over years of lawsuits and torpedoing needed reforms, including attempts to firm up disability applications to vote by mail (HB 1819).

Meanwhile, members of the Texas media, including Taylor Goldenstein with the Houston Chronicle continue to add confusion, misleading voters to believe they have a “decision” to make when it comes to applying for a disability mail-in ballot in 2020.

Goldenstein inaccurately suggests that a recent Supreme Court ruling has altered the process or set of circumstances that allows a voter to apply for a mail-in ballot.

False narratives from the media is part and parcel of the chaos that’s been created throw 2020 into an unnecessary level of angst when it comes to election administration.

Fight back, now.

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