Commissioners Declare War on Legislature

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This week Tarrant County Judge Whitley declared war on the Texas legislature. Whitley is attempting to blame the legislature for the massive increases homeowners are experiencing in their local property taxes. In so doing, he declares the legislature the enemy. All 4 senators representing Tarrant County responded in one unified voice, you can read that response HERE.

Whitley is obviously in deflection mode attempting to draw attention away from his tax and spend ways and toward a way to blame others, typical politician. But he is not alone.

This week Direct Action Texas received several copies of a fundraising letter making the rounds to county commissioners around the state. The letter is from the “County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas”. In this letter they accuse members of the legislature of being bought and paid for by, gasp…..voters and taxpayers! “Through campaign contributions, endorsements, and other political activities, these organizations have created a hostile attitude toward county government before the legislature convenes.” Your county commissioners lament the fact that homeowners no longer want to sit idle while commissioners continue to raise your taxes year after year with no end in sight.

They go on to say “It is not enough to simply contact legislators after the election. The time for significant influence is now.” They want to influence the primaries – but to what end? Local governments showed their hand this last session in their strong opposition to SB2. This bill would have capped local governments, including counties, to a tax increase of 5% year over year…but it was not a true cap. Local governments could increase it as much as they want. The bill would simply require that any raise over 5% obtain voter approval. Voter approval is the ultimate local control. There is nothing local governments fear more.

While they decry SB2 as anti local control, in reality they simply do not want taxation limits and they certainly do not want voters to realize it is them, not the legislature, who are raising your property taxes. If this is not the case, why would local government oppose letting voters have a voice in tax increases over 5%?

As the saying goes – always follow the money. I have a long history with Whitley, and I can assure you with him it is always about the money. Glen Whitley and his cabal are raising money to influence primary elections. It appears, by this letter, that he is not alone among county commissioners. Taxpayers, be aware that local officials are working hard to raise your taxes and to keep you from having a voice in that process.

On March 6th voters should reject any candidate who opposes SB2 and reigning in out of control local government.

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