Conservatives to Abbott: Make Election Integrity a Priority

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On Friday, conservative leaders called on Governor Greg Abbott to make election integrity an emergency item this legislative session.

Abbott will deliver his State of the State address on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. While Abbott is expected to continue his push for property tax relief and reforming school finance, it’s unclear if any other items will be added to the call.

Election administration and voter roll maintenance have increasingly been topics of discussion over the last year both in Texas and nationally.

During the 2018 midterm elections, national actors injected themselves into state-level election administration, with Georgia serving as the most glaring example. Gubernatorial candidate and then Secretary of State Brian Kemp was maligned nationwide for maintaining voter rolls in accordance with state law.

Groups in California concerned with its voter roll were forced to sue to have over 1 million dead voters removed from voter rolls. Texas must be proactive in amending law to ensure trust in our elections moving forward.

Conservative leaders requested Abbott make election integrity a priority issue in August. Friday’s letter is a reiteration of that request and comes at a time when elections are under assault.

Now, Texas is under the microscope. Expect greater push back going forward to routine election administration activities like keeping voter rolls free of non-citizens.

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