Convicted of Voter Fraud, Maria Ortega in the Process of Being Deported

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Maria Ortega, convicted of voter fraud in 2017 is in the process of being deported. After her initial conviction, which was subsequently upheld in 2019, Ortega spent nearly a year in prison before she was granted parole.

At the time of her conviction, deportation following her sentence was baked in for the lawful permanent resident after she falsified voter registration records and voted.

Since her arrest and over the course of her trial, the left has worked to minimize her case and trivialize her fraud along with voter fraud generally. In Ortega’s case and others, the left portrays perpetrators of fraud as the victims and prosecutions as witch hunts.

Ortega illegally took part in multiple elections and was only discovered when she tried to transfer her registration from Dallas to Tarrant County. Her sentence of eight-years was not sought by prosecutors but given to her by a jury. The maximum sentence was 20 years.

Voter fraud is a perversion, undermining the foundation on which our system of government is based. All cases of fraud should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as the prosecution of crime deters illegal behavior.

Trace the talking points of leftist journalists back to their logical conclusion. Articles written about Ortega and her self inflicted circumstances show what the left wants, no scrutiny of who is taking part in elections, no prosecutions and no deterrents to fraud that disenfranchises Americans.

Many on the left are advocating for voting to be open to non-citizens who are living in America legally or illegally. This is already taking place in places on the West coast and rumored potential Vice Presidential candidate Stacey Abrahms has said she would not oppose non-citizens voting.

These attitudes towards empowering non-citizens over governance directed by Americans is prevalent in many Democrat positions of late and why they are increasingly losing the support of long time loyalists.

The lack of concern and defense of non-citizens registering and voting in elections by Democrats is the pinnacle of hypocrisy as they whine about foreign interference in America’s democratic process.

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