People Over 65 Shouldn’t Fear Voting in Person

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Republican leaders have started to speak out against the operation to undermine elections in Texas.

It’s about time.

Liberal groups for the past two months have been suing to change Texas law via judicial fiat. The goal, manufacture some wins in November.

The maneuver, needed because the left has failed to win elections and enact law previously, is being peddled as public health protection during a pandemic. Still, to make their case, common sense must be suspended entirely.

For one, many elections in America and around the world have proven in-person voting to be safe. Wisconsin had between 52 and 71 individuals who voted come down with COVID19, depending on which study you consult.

This is a low number, startling low given the reasonable presumption that Democrats worked hard to prove their pre-election thesis that “forcing” an in-person election would lead to widespread illness and death.

What’s more shocking given the effort to prove causation, there’s nothing definitively linking the act of voting or working the election with any of these cases, so the actual number tied to participating in the Wisconsin election could be zero.

One thing that is known about all these in-person voters, they weren’t disenfranchised. In contrast, the “convenience” of mail-in voting lead to a number of disenfranchised voters.

Putting aside fraud that’s possible and does take place with mail-in voting, susceptibility to mismanagement, and error is tremendous.

For instance, this week it was discovered that thousands of ballots meant for a South Carolina election were reportedly found in Maryland.

Or, following the election in Wisconsin, three tubs of ballots were found at a postal facility, tubs of ballots that were counted but could have just as easily disappeared or been subject to a chain of custody contest.

Or, the story of a 65+-year-old voter who checked to see if her ballot was received and counted only to find out it hadn’t been. She’ll be voting in-person this November and she’ll likely be safe.

Balloting by mail is a flawed voting method that should be used sparingly and the last minute bumrush to expand its use in Texas is an affront.

In the face of this push to upend elections, Attorney General Ken Paxton made the rounds this week appearing on several cable news outlets and publishing an op-ed highlighting the perils of mail-in voting.

Paxton discussing his defense of current state law said that it’s his job to defend laws on the books not write them. Note to Democrat judges playing dictator, it’s your job to interpret not write the law.

In his appearances, Paxton rightly pointed out that nobody has immunity from befalling harm. It’s a statistical reality that leaving home subjects people to being killed or maimed even if they’re just making a milk run.

This point is a response to the most recent line from Democrats, the nuanced legal argument that not having immunity constitutes a disability. This is a departure from their first argument for expanded voting by mail that fear of getting the virus was a disability entitling voters to apply for mail-in ballots.

In fact, the case can be made that voting in-person during a pandemic is safer than an activity like driving because of the controllable variables.

Prevailing weather conditions and the behavior of other drivers on the road, are completely out of the control of a driver and might lead to an accident.

Voting in person during a pandemic is filled with controllable conditions.

Election venues have limited and known choke points for viral transmission including door handles and machines. Distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, and wiping down equipment are precautions that allow for the safe and proper execution of elections.

Of course, to swallow the farce Democrats are trying to ram down our collective throat you have to look past the fact that many if not all of the individuals who are clamoring for mail-in ballots have been moving about society during the outbreak.

The virus is just a fig leaf for a naked power grab.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is also countering the message that election administration needs to be turned on its head months away from a presidential election.

On Friday Patrick called Democrat efforts to expand voting by mail a scam.

One way to spot a scam is to look for goalpost shifting and a carousel of argumentations. As was discussed earlier, the argument has already shifted from fear of the virus to a lack of immunity.

It’s possible if not likely that the basis for expansion will necessarily shift again. When you have bad arguments, without evidence, but need to make a case changing your tune is required (see also: global warming, Russiagate, etc.).

This effort to circumvent Texas law will further undermine already low levels of trust in elections. Republicans in order to rebuild trust need to clean up derelict election code, and voter rolls.

Currently, instead of addressing dated records, they are left on the roll to age and become a potential error waiting to happen.

In California, Gavin Newsom has decided to mail ballots to all registered voters. Hundreds of thousands if not more ballots will be incorrectly mailed out since like Texas, California has a dirty voter file.

The situation there would be worse but the state was sued to remove inactive and ineligible voters from its rolls, a course of action that may be needed in Texas since lawmakers have hidden from the responsibility to protect elections by updating voter rolls.

Texans will glimpse the possible coming cluster mess in July when we take part in a run-off election for that primary that happened in early March before this power grab had begun and we were once again confronted with the danger of deferred action.

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