Dana DeBeauvoir, Another Democrat Lackey, Ignores Election Law

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Dana DeBeauvoir, like her counterpart Chris Hollins in Harris County, is subverting the rule of law and proving that calls for election integrity in 2019 should have been answered.

Using coded terms, DeBeauvoir is pushing universal mail-in balloting in Travis County, in an effort to nullify a Supreme Court ruling clarifying that healthy Texans can NOT apply for a mail-in ballot as disabled

To do this, DeBeauvoir, with the help of the media, is saying come one come all I won’t check to see if you’re lying on these forms. To make matters worse, DeBeauvoir is going a step further and holding the election before she’s supposed to have the election.

DeBeauvoir is planning to start receiving ballots in person on October 1, almost two weeks before the start of early voting. The loophole DeBeauvoir is driving her semi through is open because of an emergency order from Governor Abbott

Governor Abbott can and should stop this perversion of law and abusive power grab.

DeBeauvoir is disrupting the election.

Voters should vote in a legal fashion. DeBeauvoir is encouraging the opposite, muddying the waters in the process by changing how and when this election is run, ignoring the law, and potentially disenfranchising voters to serve her political whims.

This eleventh-hour gambit will lead to bought and harvested votes in 2020. Voting in person is superior to voting by mail because the secrecy of the ballot is assured.

There are two key reasons why the secrecy of the ballot is a big deal.

First, there should NOT be reprisals for backing your preferred candidate, think authoritarian regime or D.C. diner, where, if you vote for or speak out against a state-sponsored candidate, harm may befall you or your family.

Second, and lost in this current mail-in ballot broadside, is the purchasing of votes is made possible and probable by widespread sending folks to non-in person voting.

In a voting booth, it’s impossible to prove you did or did not vote for a candidate who has paid for your ballot. In this push for mail-in ballots where a harvester can watch you fill out your ballot and then drive you to the drop it off, the proof is provided.

DeBeauvoir has stated that dropped off mail-in ballots will be counted before election day. Expect her Democrat pals to know how many more votes they need to harvest to meet quotas and win races they might otherwise lose.

An elected official, DeBeauvoir has sworn an oath of office to uphold the law. She’s not clearing this hurdle. Her word isn’t trustworthy. What she’s told commissioners, that the count will be secret, isn’t dependable.

DeBeauvoir, Hollins, and others have been allowed to run roughshod over the law all year. This election isn’t being undermined or marred by Russians or the bad orange man, its credibility is being destroyed by hack administrators like DeBeauvoir and Hollins.

These abuses should have been addressed during the 2019 session. Abuse of power by progressive officials in Democrat-controlled counties was foreseeable.

Texas election law needs an overhaul in 2021.

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