The Democrats Are Coming! Oh No!

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I’m told the Democrats are coming.

I hear of fancy groups like InDivisible, BLM, and others targeting Tarrant County and Texas to turn them blue.

I see that every Tarrant County elected Republican has an announced Democrat opponent (except Glen Whitley and one might argue he is their candidate).

The bell has been rung. Indeed they are coming for each and every red county and state they can get, just as we should be going after each and every blue county we can….but we aren’t.

The prize for democrats is to take back SD10, currently held by rockstar Republican Konni Burton. That’s their crowning achievement goal, but they are running candidates in all the lower ballot races as well. We might lose some of those.

Make no mistake, however, if we lose SD10 or any of the lower ballot seats it is NOT because the Democrats are coming.

Years ago I listened to the legendary Rush Limbaugh explain how it is not good enough to simply be against the other guy or party, you must also give voters a reason to vote FOR you. Donald Trump’s victory showed us one thing for sure – conservative voters are sick and tired of the GOP. They need something, someone, to vote FOR. It is no longer good enough to simply be against the Democrats.

You see the problem is the Republican party has lost any sense of itself, any brand it might have had. Nationally, Justin Amash and Paul Ryan belong to the same party, yet are very different brands. Locally, Charlie Geren and Jonathan Stickland are both on the Tarrant County GOP (TCGOP) ballot. Voters are left to wonder – what does it mean to be a Republican?

Branding is everything. The GOP has no brand. None. Whatsoever.

A couple weeks ago some members of TCGOP attempted to pass resolutions condemning certain actions by two Republican elected Justices of the Peace. One had used her position, office, and power to blackmail and negotiate her opponent out of running for the office. She was reprimanded by the Judicial Conduct Board for her actions. The other received sexual favors from his court clerk in his chambers. He also was reprimanded by the Board of Judicial Conduct. Yet the GOP did not find either of these behaviors worthy of a reprimand by the party, whose ballot these judges seek to appear on this coming March. The GOP refused to define their brand. Voters are left wondering if the party endorses this behavior.

The party has become a feckless shill where moderates go for cocktails. This, not Democrats, is why Republican counties and states are at risk. If we lose, don’t look to Indivisible for their brilliant strategy. Look no further than the leadership of the GOP who refuse to offer voters a reason to VOTE FOR their brand, whatever that brand is.

Maybe one day the GOP will wake up and decide to actually stand for something and create a brand based upon values which its elected officials follow thru on once in office. If it does, the number of blue counties and states will diminish quickly.


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