Democrats Scam Suit Cites Debunked Study

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, Texas Democrats are suing Texas to gain an electoral advantage.

After suing in state court last month, the Texas Democrat Party today sued Governor Abbott in federal court to force universal balloting by mail in Texas.

Universal balloting by mail is not permitted by law in Texas but Democrats have been pushing a novel theory that it is and they’re suing to see if they can make the theory stick.

Gilbert Hinojosa, Chairman of the Texas Democrat Party, incorrectly suggested in a press release that Texans who think they might get sick can apply to vote by mail.


Before the suit was filed, progressive activists signaled they would ignore Texas law and advise healthy voters to apply for mail-in ballots as disabled, perjuring themselves in the process.

The Secretary of State’s office, when asked about Texans allowed to vote by mail, replied, “our office has no ability to change requirements that are set in the law.”

Democrats in California have legalized vote harvesting, Nancy Pelosi has tried to force that down on the states only to fail.

Now Texas Democrats are trying to use a crisis to facilitate the same power grab.

\There is no credible virus modeling that suggests spread will necessitate derailing the 2020 election. It’s likely why the Democrats lawsuit cites the flawed and debunked Imperial College study from the U.K. that inaccurately projected 2 million Americans would die from the Chinese flu. Whoops.

Not dissimilar to stimulus scams, Democrats hope to implement a vote harvesting scheme in Texas via judicial fiat.

Vote harvesting is a practice fraught with fraud that preys on the elderly, mentally challenged, poor and sanctity of elections through the sale of votes.

There’s no credible case here, it’s just another tasteless maneuver by Democrats.

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