Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.

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Transparency won a small victory in the 141st District Court. Charlie Geren’s 2016 campaign operative, David Sorenson, will not be able to continue his delay tactics. David Sorenson must now appear in court before the March Primary, according to a February 2nd Motion to Compel. He will finally be on the record and under oath about his alleged attempt to sabotage the Bo French campaign with a false child abuse accusation. Sorenson’s testimony could reveal some very dirty politics sanctioned by the Geren campaign to destroy his opponent.

Last December, Direct Action Texas (DAT) reported on Bo and Sheridan French filing a law suit against David Sorenson for allegedly making a false complaint to CPS. The French family was forced to go through a child abuse investigation just days before the hotly contested 2016 primary. Their lives were put into chaos. CPS quickly found that there was no abuse in the French household and that none of the children were injured. The accusation was clearly false, but the damage was done. The turmoil drew Bo French’s focus completely away from the election, and he lost by a narrow margin.

Who was behind the anonymous phone call to CPS? David Sorenson will soon be in a courtroom, compelled to answer that very question. If Sorenson did not make the call and the Geren campaign had no involvement, why the delay? Geren and Sorenson would want to clear their names quickly and end the speculation. On the other hand, if Geren’s campaign was involved, they would certainly not want that admission to come out before election day.

Whatever happens in court, DAT expects creative ways for Geren’s campaign to achieve new ethical lows as he struggles for reelection. The polling is not going Geren’s way and he is under a serious threat of losing. DAT will be on the lookout for whatever dirty dealings Charlie Geren comes up with next.


Click HERE for the Motion to Compel.

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