Direct Action Texas Statement on State of the State Address

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Governor Greg Abbott today set out his emergency priorities for the 2019 legislative session. While a few of his priority issues are commendable, the notable absence of election integrity from his speech was a missed opportunity for Abbott to lead.

Shock at Abbott’s balk was expressed across the board. Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith tweeted, “Wasn’t expecting this –> Unless I missed it, the words “voter” and “fraud” did not appear in @GovAbbott’s speech.”

Democrat members of the Texas House in response to the STOS took the opportunity to pound Abbott on election integrity, specifically attacking list maintaince activities the Secretary of State is currently performing. Avoiding the topic appears to have had no effect in muting push back.

Election integrity is an item of ascendant importance in both Texas and the nation. This evening, President Trump’s State of the Union will be responded to by failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Progressive election rules are predicted to be espoused.

Part way through Abbott’s speech, Democrat Cesar Blanco applauded the lack of red meat in the emergency items for the session. This was before border security was named but on the whole, Abbott did not pick up the conservative mantle.

During the speech, Abbott remarked that the items he’s proposed might take multiple special sessions to get done.

While it’s disappointing that election integrity did not make Abbott’s list of items, members of the legislature are poised to take important actions this session to address flaws in our system. Where Abbott did not lead, we’ll look to members of the Texas House and Senate to ensure elections are protected.

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