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November 9, 2020

FORT WORTH, TX — Direct Action Texas joins election integrity watchdogs across the ideological spectrum, calling for all votes in the 2020 general election to be tallied and an audit conducted to ensure a fair and free from fraud process.

While the mainstream media, which has regularly lied to the American public for the last four years, suggests the election is complete and calls for everyone to “move along,” we are calling for a thorough count to ensure trust.

Though Joe Biden may eventually prevail, critical and time-intensive work remains to be completed before the outcome of this contentious election can be assured.

In some states, political machines harvested a crush of mail-in ballots that need to be checked to ensure they pass muster. Additionally, overseas votes should be allowed time to decide states like Georgia.

Right now, there are seven states in dispute. Trump continues to gain on Biden in Arizona, where he currently trails by less than 17,000 votes with over 80,000 ballots left to count. Additionally, the Trump campaign has sued the state over rejected ballots in Maricopa County. 

Both Georgia and Michigan have experienced “glitches” in how Dominion election equipment tabulated votes. And reports of flagged votes from Fulton County, Georgia, are still to be investigated.

Not to mention there are reportedly just under 10,000 confirmed returned absentee ballots from dead voters In Michigan. Some of these ballots may have been rejected, but the fact they were returned in the first place suggests more comprehensive fraud afoot 

In Nevada, a state that has still not been called, legal action is likely over thousands of votes from dead or ineligible voters.

Declaring an election over before all legally cast votes are counted and announcing a winner when there is this much doubt in the execution of an election is dangerous behavior and smacks of authoritarianism.

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