Don Huffines Teams up with DAT to Fight Voter Fraud

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DALLAS, TX — Today Don Huffines announced he’s partnering with election integrity watchdog Direct Action Texas (DAT) to stop voter fraud in the DFW area.

Voter fraud is taking place, but it has no place in Texas.

“I take seriously finding and prosecuting voter fraud from the lowest level operators harvesting ballots to elected officials empowering the illegal behavior.”

Huffines has a history of combating voter fraud in Texas. As a member of the Texas Senate, he called for rigorous checking of voter rolls and served on the Senate Select Committee on Election Security.

Since 2015, DAT has developed a track record of discovering, investigating, and handing over actionable cases of voter fraud to law enforcement officials.

If you suspect voter fraud call toll-free at 1-877-267-8683 or email

Don Huffines is offering a $5000 reward to anyone who calls in to the tip line or sends an email with information leading to a criminal conviction. 

Your information will be kept in confidence.

“Elections have to be run fairly and free of fraud or our system of governance is doomed.”

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