D’s vs. R’s – The Cultural Divide

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People often ask what the difference between republicans and democrats is…while the elected official’s votes are often hard to differentiate, those in the party have very different cultural behaviors. Nowhere is that more evident than the contrast between the two party’s state conventions. Last week the Republican Party of Texas held their state convention in San Antonio, followed this week by the Texas Democrats holding their convention in Fort Worth.

The first sign of a great divide was Wendy Davis’ event to open the convention.

Their own event title is rated “R”. Given democrats like Wendy, Beto O’Rourke and others propensity for dropping F bombs in their speeches I can only conclude the title of the event was the most public friendly thing about the event.

Now that the convention has begun, Direct Action Texas has noticed the contrast goes much deeper. Immediately convention attendees are confronted with this jewel from Planned Parenthood:

But PP isn’t alone. Here are more:

Piss on Republicans

Pinche Trump (F word)

Nasty Women Get S*** Done

For the middle one, visitors must polish up on their Spanish cuss words.

This is what passes for mainstream democratic merchandise. This from the party that complains incessantly about Trump’s mean tweets. This from the party who claims to want civil discourse.

In fairness there was plenty of offensive things to be seen at the Republican convention last week. Like this guy –

How dare he wear the flag and the Declaration of Independence!?

And if you really needed something to be triggered about, these old fashioned American’s stood up for the National Anthem! Oh the insanity! The cultural divide between those in the Republican party vs. those in the democratic party is very real. Pick a side.

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