Election Complaint Filed in Arlington Against Kennedy Jones

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Today an election complaint was filed in Arlington against Kennedy Jones, currently running for Arlington City Council District 5. According to the complaint, Jones is ineligible to be on the ballot because of residency issues.

The complaint notes and public records reflect that Jones’ residence at the time he registered to run for office was not in Arlington but in fact in Mansfield. Whatsmore, Jones had not been living in Arlington for the six months leading up to his filing to run for office, having a consistent voting record over the years, as a resident of Mansfield.

That voting record included Jones voting in the November 2018 election while registered at a Mansfield address meaning that, even with the benefit of the doubt, Jones became a resident of Arlington no sooner than four months before the filing deadline, making him ineligible to run since the election code calls for six months of residency.

In addition to residency ahead of filing, Jones appears to have not been registered to vote in Arlington before the end of the filing deadline.

The filing deadline to run for city council was February 15, 2019. At the time, according to available records and the filed complaint, Jones was not registered to vote in the City of Arlington.

Tarrant County records indicate that Jones updated his voter registration with the DPS on January 31, 2019. This voter registration became active 30 days after the change according to a directive from the Secretary of State. This means that Jones’s registration became effective March 2, 2019, after the deadline to file for the May 4th election.

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