Election Integrity Roundup 1.19.20

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country.

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Democrats Sue

As part of a plan to win in 2020, Democrats are suing the state of Texas to subvert election integrity safeguards. National Democrats have sued Texas to implement online voter registration.

Currently, Texas requires signatures on voter registration and voting materials to limit exposure to fraud. Democrats would prefer electronic squiggles that cannot be used to verify identification, which would streamline vote harvesting operations.

New Mexico Man Pleads Guilty

Speaking of signatures, a New Mexico man pleaded guilty to election fraud this week after admitting to “forging a voter’s signature on an absentee ballot and forging his grandparents’ signatures on absentee ballot applications.”

Despite claims, voter fraud is a real and persistent issue in Texas and around the country.

Edinburg Trials Set

Last year, 16 people in Edinburg were implicated in an alleged election fraud conspiracy involving the Mayor, his wife, business partner, and city secretary to name a few. Trial dates are now set for the accused individuals, January 31st and February 7th.

Jefferson County List Upkeep

Due to natural disasters and relocating residents, 21,898 voters are on the “suspense list” in Jefferson County, a number that accounts for about 15% of total voters in the county. Voters who turn up to vote will have to fill out address verification forms and if they don’t vote in the next two years, they will be removed from the voter roll.

Judicial Watch to Allegheny County: Clean Up Voter Rolls

According to Judicial Watch, “more than 15% of registered voters in Allegheny County are inactive.” Located in a pivotal part of Pensylvania, elections in Allegheny Co. could be instrumental in deciding the 2020 election.

Judicial Watch has given the county 90 days to clean up the rolls or face litigation. Inaccurate voter rolls are susceptible to fraud and cleaning lists of ineligible voters are common sense. Texas voter rolls are similarly filled with inaccurate, duplicate and ineligible voters.

Wisconsin to Pay for Trust?
Officials in Wisconsin are contemplating spending over $250,000 on a public relations campaign to convince voters elections in the state are secure. Recent polling in the state revealed nearly 75 percent of those polled said they worried about “threats.”

Texas has similar issues with the public perception of elections. Roughly half of Texans polled this fall believe ineligible voters are very or somewhat well prevented from voting. While spending on upgraded election equipment and proper administration of elections, including updating voter rolls, is needed, telling voters “everything is alright,” seems like a poor use of public funds.

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