Election Integrity Roundup 2.9.20

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country.

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Starr County to review suspected voter fraud cases

As a member on a recent panel in Austin, Starr Couty District Attorney Omar Escobar noted his county and the state of Texas have longstanding issues with voters abusing ballot by mail.

Voting by mail is reserved for a select group of disadvantaged individuals and if you are not a member of one of these classes voting by mail is in fact illegal.

Unfortunately, the state of Texas missed a valuable opportunity during the legislative session to clarify the process to apply for a mail-in ballot, both to protect unsuspecting applicants and ward off illegal behavior.

Starr County Attorney Office Law Enforcement Liaison Brenda Lee has confirmed the Special Crimes Unit is looking at suspicious applications for mail-in ballots according to KRGV.

Similar cases could proliferate across Texas in 2020 as vote harvesting operations ramp up ahead of November. Elections in 2020 will be the first without straight-ticket voting after the passage House Bill 25 in 2017, a move that is likely to result in a deluge of vote by mail applications and participation.

Appification of Voting, a Bad Idea

Show of hands, who thinks that relying on an app to vote is a good idea. Wait, nobody?

With last week’s Iowa debacle as the backdrop, West Virginia, is poised to implement voting by an app for the first time in history. In Iowa, an app was merely used to tabulate votes. In West Virginia, an app is set to facilitate voting.

Lauded as a way to make voting easier for the disabled and elderly, voting by an app is more likely to result in added degradation of these voices in voting.

Currently, the voting mechanism most subject to fraud is ballot by mail. App voting has the potential to increase the efficiency of illegal vote harvesting that has previously been slowed by the logistical challenge of harvesting paper mail-in ballots.

At a time when American and Texan distrust of election administration is increasing, adding novelty to the process is bad governance. Iowa is just the latest case in point.

Texas Tribune Misinformation

The Texas Tribune carried water and conflicting messaging this week for the Democrat party.

According to an opinion piece masquerading as analysis, the Tribune does not want trust in elections undermined but par for the course parrots the talking points of the left that undermine trust.

In a separate article, the Tribune worked to undermine trust in Texas elections by carrying water for the Texas Democrat party suggesting Texas’ primary election results would be inadequately broadcast.

The idea that Texas will be like Iowa is laughable.

In the Tribune’s Jekyll and Hyde act, we have another example of the establishment media pushing narratives that are more disruptive than trumped-up charges of foreign interference or non-existent voter suppression.

According to recent polling, nearly half of Texans polled believe voters who are not eligible to vote are participating in Texas elections. The oft-derided effort to remove non-citizens from voter rolls in 2019 bore this out and resulted in non-citizens self-reporting and removing themselves from the voter roll.

Overcoming distrust in Texas elections should start with cleaning up Texas voter rolls. Anticipate Democrats and their allies in the media to work against such efforts.

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