Election Integrity Roundup 3.1.2020

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Here’s a look at election integrity news from around Texas and the country. Some of these stories may have already been shared via our social media accounts, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Wisconsin Court Strikes Down List Maintenance

On Friday, an appeals court in Wisconsin struck down an attempt by the state’s election commission to remove 209,000 individuals from the voter rolls.

The 209,000 voters at issue are suspected to have moved out of the state.

Currently, Texas has tens of thousands of voters on its own rolls that are duplicates, have moved, have died, are non-citizens, or are ineligible to vote as felons.

Inaccuracies in voter roll data make it easier for maladministration and fraud to enter into elections.

FLASHBACK: Democrat Election Official Admits Noncitizens, Felons Voting

Non-citizens are voting in elections across America and leftwing activists are protecting this illegal behavior, disenfranchising legal voters.

During a court hearing following the 2016 election, then Democrat chief election official in Broward County Florida stated in court that noncitizens and felons possibly voted.

Ahead of the 2020 election, there are efforts to identify non-citizens on voter rolls in Texas and around the country.

Issues with Harris Co. Voting Identified

This week, the Harris County Republican Party alleged that 92 people had voted twice during early voting.

None of the cases were initially deemed fraudulent in the reporting but there will likely be further investigations following the election.

The nature of inaccuracies in voting means that a bulk of the activity to find and prove fraud comes after the election.

Fraud Prosecutions Continue

Sherikia Hawkins, 38, is headed to court soon. A city clerk in Oakland County, Michigan, Hawkins is charged with “falsifying returns/records-election law, forgery, common law offenses, and three counts of using a computer to commit a crime”

The charges are connected to the November 2018 election. Similar cases are expected to be prosecuted in Texas this spring and in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Instances of fraud in elections need to be prosecuted and highlighted to undermine further efforts to disenfranchise voters.

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