Electoral Chaos, Brought to You by the Media

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Blame for the chaos gripping America can’t be laid at the doorstep of a singular actor, but the media plays an outsized role in creating and maintaining disorder.

The same distortions deployed by the media to incite social unrest (see: ANTIFA riots) are being deployed on the administration of the 2020 election generally, and by pushing mail-in balloting specifically.

This is the second election cycle in a row the media has overtly worked to manipulate outcomes with false narratives. Famously, the 2016 election was awash in claims of foreign interference that have now largely been disproven.

Now the media is doing heavy lifting to aid a last-minute, circumstantial, and unwarranted push to expand mail-in balloting by hook or by crook. In this case, the crooks are wearing black robes.

Changing elections via judicial fiat is not the orderly running of the republic and has more in common with mob rule via fear that’s animating so much these days.

The effect will be the same. Distrust, destruction, and anger will be the byproduct of coordinated attempts to upend elections by the political left in America, propagated by the media. 

Last Wednesday, the Texas Supreme Court defrocked two “legal” arguments (it’s generous to call them arguments) being made by the left to usurp Texas voters and implement universal mail-in balloting for the 2020 election.

Read about the arguments made and rejected here

Before the ink had dried on the court’s opinion, the left’s allies in the media were working to spin the defeat into an opportunity to continue illegally registering healthy Texans as disabled.

To accomplish this goal, the media landed on voters deciding for themselves if they are disabled to the degree they would be unable to vote in person and on election officials not being able to investigate claims of disability when registering.

Neither of these observations represents a departure from the way elections have been run in the past.

When it comes to applying for and processing mail-in ballot applications voters in Texas have always been expected to not lie on government forms and election officials have always accepted and processed applications.

Reporting that inaccurately characterizes this reality is a disservice to the public, creates confusion, unrest, and potentially cover for illegal behavior.

Voters who apply to vote by mail claiming disability should be informed that they are breaking the law if they do not meet the disability requirements, that is having a physical condition that prevents voting at the polling place on election day without needing help or injuring the voter’s health.

The paired “conclusions” presented by the media have the effect of leading the horse to water. While not technically saying it’s a mail-in free for all, the equation provided is 1+1=x, solve for you decide if you’re disabled and election administrators can’t look into your application.

There is a problem with the equation, it’s missing a variable; Law Enforcement.

While Texans are expected to tell the truth and election officials are going to process forms, law enforcement officials have the same broad investigative powers to locate and prosecute Texans who break the law.

Don’t anticipate this media misbehavior to abate anytime soon, in fact, it’s likely to escalate. Direct Action Texas will be tracking bad actors and misinformation through the election.

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