Fake news falters; relying on left further burns media credibility

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Recent misreporting by several outlets in Texas and around the country suggested Governor Greg Abbott “spearheaded” an effort to remove non-citizens from voter rolls. This “reporting” cited emails from the Governor’s office sent in August to suggest he kicked off the effort.

This “reporting” was a copy paste job and another example of an already discredited media machine taking and running with a left-wing group’s narrative.

If this were just laziness, it wouldn’t be worth examining. But, it’s not laziness, it’s a conscious decision to advance a false narrative, mislead the public and cause confusion to sew discord.

Back to the story at hand. The “gotcha” writing was that Abbott launched the effort in August, In fact, the effort was launched in the spring of 2018 following a hearing of a Senate select committee meeting.

Further, the emails cited as evidence to back this claim speak to the actual timeline of events but since this does not fit the color by numbers narrative, slavishly adhered to when it comes to reporting on election administration, it’s obfuscated.

The August emails from Abbott, checking in on the progress of the list maintenance effort followed closely after a press conference held by Direct Action Texas and Grassroots America calling for the removal of non-citizens from voter rolls.

Non-citizens are currently registered in and voting in Texas elections, a practice that the left has sanctioned by their opposition to routine list maintenance aimed at protecting rightfully registered voters, including recently naturalized citizens.

If the “reporters” had bothered to report accurately on the emails, key information detrimental to their narrative that Abbott and all Republicans are racist white pigs would have been covered.

In an email sent on August 27, 2018, a Texas Department of Public Safety employee wrote

Based on my discussion with Gayatri, the report wouldn’t contain all the information SOS wants to help them compare to other databases (SAVE) to figure out who on the list have become US citizens since the last report.

The email goes on to lay out the items that would be useful in determining whether individuals in the DPS and voter rolls have become citizens such as an Alien Number, Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record number or unexpired foreign passport number among others.

This suggests that the secretary of state’s office and by extension the governor’s office, since the secretary of state serves at the discretion of the governor, were working to remove recently naturalized citizens from the universe of voters it was checking.

A false media narrative from the start has been that the SOS and DPS were unaware or didn’t care about individuals who were likely to have become naturalized during the course of voter roll scrutinization. That is clearly not the case based on the emails released by the rabid left.

The emails incorrectly bandied about as proof of nefarious intent were released by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a leftwing organization with a boy who cried wolf race card playing reputation.

Coverage that lacks coverage of the substance of the emails is wholly disingenuous, and further exposes the media as a partisan actor.  Self-styled racially obsessed journalists who did not give this story adequate attention (a story) hemorrhage credibility by the omission of coverage.

Of course, by now, the idea that the media has any credibility is debatable. The media is what they were in 2016 when they failed to defeat Donald Trump. What they were during the failed Muller which hunt and what they will fail to accomplish in 2020.

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