False CPS Reports Against Bo French – Part 2

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A couple weeks ago DAT broke the story on the false CPS report filed against Bo French and his wife. It has been described as the dirtiest political move in recent Texas politics.

The suit describes a series of events which lead to the complaint, but one event in particular triggered the story – messages sent out by Constable Clint Burgess. During early voting Constable Burgess sent these messages, and others, out to dozens of people. Direct Action Texas has obtained copies of the messages from several sources. They are lengthy and available HERE.

While there are several demonstrably false statements in Constable Burgess’s messages, the French’s suit specifically mentions Constable Burgess’s claim that law enforcement had been sent to the French residence on numerous occasions for “domestic situations”.

When a member of law enforcement makes a claim like this, reasonable people believe him. As a law enforcement officer, Clint has knowledge as to whether or not the allegation is true. Surely a constable wouldn’t be spreading a demonstrable lie around, in writing none the less, right?

DAT sent an open records request to the Fort Worth Police Department for any and all dispatches to the French’s residence, and to our surprise the Fort Worth Police Department has no records of anyone dispatched to that address for any reason, much less “domestic situations”. The French’s suit alleges that the CPS investigation also cleared them of any prior or current domestic calls by law enforcement.

This allegation of domestic violence was a major basis for the CPS complaint. Now either Constable Burgess knew these allegations to be false and did not care, or he has no discernment and simply passes false allegations around, which calls into question his judgement as an elected official. In messages from Constable Burgess he now claims to have no memory of the messages and claims someone showed him call sheets, but he has no copies nor clear memory of them.

Bo French told Direct Action Texas “I’ve always been told that if I want to learn something new about myself – run for office. The first time I ever heard the outlandish rumor that I had been involved in domestic violence or that the police had been called to my house was when Clint Burgess started Facebook messaging dozens of activists the false attack.”

These messages are nothing more than an elected official using his position to spread false allegations in order to settle a political and personal vendetta. What is particularly interesting in this case, is that the vendetta against French is that of a friend of Constable Burgess, not the Constable himself.

It is of a note to DAT that Constable Burgess clearly intended for his messages to drive a divide not only between the recipients and French, but also Senator Ted Cruz and State Senator Konni Burton. He harshly attacks Senator Burton for endorsing French and not endorsing Bill Waybourn for Sheriff. It would appear that Senator Burton was ahead of her time and right on both counts.

Constable Burgess is currently seeking an appointment to become a US Marshal, but these messages bring into question his judgement and qualifications to hold such a position which, given his past actions, he would clearly use for political objectives.

There is going to be more on this story, but the Constable Burgess messages are the first piece, according to the allegations in the French suit. One must now question every other allegation this cabal has made against French, given the level of deception they are clearly willing to perpetrate. It is very telling that those who have united against Bo French in order to keep Charlie Geren in office are mostly all Craig Murphy clients. Murphy is well known as being the dirtiest consultant in Texas, making his clients’ character suspect in having chosen him as their advisor.

Voters should demand more. Constable Burgess is currently seeking a Marshal appointment and his wife, Wendy Burgess, is currently seeking your vote for County Tax Assessor Collector. Voters should be aware when making their decisions.

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