If Only Fort Worth had a Doctor

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If Fort Worth only had a Doctor.

The City of Fort Worth is sick and has been for quite some time.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had anyone on the City Council that could address its illness.  It’s an illness that’s gone on for years, with the perpetual promise to fix it in the future, and yet here we are.  If only Fort Worth had a Doctor that knew how to treat and cure this disease.

Like most illnesses, you can take two paths when providing treatment.  The first is to just address the symptoms, usually making the outward appearance seem better.  Doing this only ends up masking the problem, ignoring the actual underlying issue.  Every illness must be addressed at some point, wouldn’t it be far better to cure the illness rather than mask it?

The next option is typically the better choice of treatment.  You can address the underlying issue by targeting the treatment to correct the underlying disease.  Instead of just masking the symptoms you take action and eliminate the root cause.  This is almost always the best course of action.  In fact, most Doctors prefer to treat the root cause versus just treating the symptoms.  They know that if they eliminate the underlying illness, the patient has a better chance of recovery.

The City of Fort Worth has an illness, a chronic spending problem.  The City Council knows this and most will admit it behind closed doors.  They typically tell you to “have patience” and that they are “working on it, but this year the budget was already in place.”  They give you the illusion of actually working towards solving the spending problem.  Publicly however they vote to raise your taxes, push for outlandish bond packages, and vote to take away your property rights.  They are masking the spending problem by increasing their revenue. They are just treating the symptoms rather than fixing the underlying issue.   Taxpayers do not have bottomless pockets, at some point, their funding will go dry.  If only Fort Worth had a Doctor to provide the right treatment for this disease.

This year the citizens of Fort Worth voted in a Doctor, finally!  This Doctor campaigned on the fact that our taxes were going up year after year.  This Doctor was vocal against his predecessor’s taxation decisions, and how he misled his constituents.  The Doctor proclaimed that his predecessor lied to us by saying our taxes were going down because they voted a lower tax rate.  While the rate did go down, he failed to explain the Effective Tax Rate and why the actual cost of our taxes was rising.

The Effective Tax Rate is the rate at which the city can adopt to keep taxes the same as the year prior.  Typically, this allows a city to lower their tax rate, due to property values rising, and keep the same revenue.  The city knows this Effective Tax Rate well before they vote on the city’s tax rate every year.  Since they know this information beforehand, they know they are raising taxes even while lowering the tax rate.  It’s a game most cities play to mislead you, and this Doctor campaigned against the practice.

Let’s fast forward to the first budget and tax vote with the new council.  Remember this new Doctor, the “fiscal conservative” who campaigned against raising taxes? The same one who called his predecessor out for misleading the citizens.  Well, this Doctor voted to raise taxes, just like his predecessor. You would think that would have been all this Doctor could have done, considering his short time in office, but unfortunately for Fort Worth, it wasn’t.

The Doctor, after raising our taxes in Fort Worth, decided to jump into the deep end by supporting the Fort Worth ISD bond package worth approximately $750 Million.  Any conservative’s antennas should rise when they hear the word “bond.”  This bond was full of fluff, wasteful spending, and admittedly not really needed at this time.  There was also the major ethics issue with the FWISD Board Members receiving gifts from potential contract award winners of items in this bond.  Now you’d think after all of this our “fiscal champion” Doctor would be against this bond.  No, he dug in even further and doubled down by saying the ethics issue probably will not change his support of the bond.

The Doctor, after raising our taxes in Fort Worth and helping push through the massive FWISD bond, decided he wasn’t done just yet.  The Doctor is now pushing for an approximate $399 Million bond for the City of Fort Worth.  This bond is being pushed for transportation reasons but also will reportedly include sidewalks, parks, a fire station, and other items.  If you combine this new bond with the FWISD bond you get over $1 Billion worth of bonds this “fiscal conservative” Doctor has pushed for.

I hoped the Doctor would have kept the promises he campaigned on and would have fought for the taxpayers.  I hoped that the Doctor would have had the spine to stand up and be the taxpayer champion he campaigned to be. That has not been the case.

The taxes and bonds are just two betrayals to his supporters, another came up in a vote just this week.  The Fort Worth Council voted to take away the property rights of businesses in Fort Worth and ban smoking across the board.  Instead of letting the free markets decide, and protect the property rights of the citizens he represents, he went ahead and gave us all a big slap in the face.

The Doctor gave a mini-speech before the smoking ban vote.  He stated that as a Physician he has done CPR and pronounced the deaths of people that have smoked, leading us all to believe that he knew what was best for everyone.  The problem is that Government should not and cannot be the moral compass for individuals, especially at the expense of another person’s rights.  Using the Doctor’s statements, where will he stop “protecting people” based on what he has seen as a Doctor?  I am sure he has seen obese people in his practice due to consumption of soda?  Is his next move to ban soda in the City of Fort Worth?

The City of Fort Worth finally has a Doctor on the council.  The unfortunate fact is that we are still only receiving treatment for our symptoms, and this treatment is making our actual disease worse.  We expected this Doctor to treat and help us cure this disease of out of control spending, and out of control regulations, but he has failed.  This Doctor is inept at treating the true illness of Fort Worth, it seems, and is only making it worse.  Let’s hope this Doctor doesn’t run his medical practice the same way he governs.

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