Fort Worth-Center of Largest Investigation in Texas History

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BREAKING NEWS: Investigators from the Office of the Attorney General are on the ground in Fort Worth interviewing voters this week. Sources have spotted them in different parts of Fort Worth implying this is a large scale investigation.

We have heard rumors for years of manipulation of the elections system in Tarrant County and thought it was time for someone to look into the facts. Direct Action Texas spent countless hours analyzing open records requests, noticing patterns and discovering Fort Worth voters whose voice was stolen. This vote harvesting operation preys on the elderly and the economically disadvantaged, who are among our most vulnerable neighbors. Our research has shined a light on a covert, yet pervasive network – to the tune of 20,000 ballots, over four years, primarily within the African-American and Hispanic communities. All indications are this is the largest investigation related to voter fraud the Attorney General’s office has ever seen. This research has uncovered major flaws in the election code and its enforcement. We were happy to assist the AG’s office in their investigation, which led to today’s developments. 

Given the magnitude of this issue, we must reform the election code to restore the integrity of the process.

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  • doornazi

    jail em

  • kathy Wheeler

    I am so proud of our Attorney General here in TARRANT Co. You and all who are involved in this horrific investigation are to be praised what a great and wonderful job you all are doing in our beautiful City of Fort Worth, Thank You all very much!

  • Dave Shea

    f the AG is investigating it, believe me, nothing will come of the investigation.

    • Chris Wilson

      Have Faith Dave,
      It’s about time for the Good Folks of Tarrant county to hear some of the truths.
      Like why is JD Granger running the Trinity River Vision, Nepotism, His mother you say. I think so.
      Why did JD Granger just give The Woodshed to Tim Love his buddy? and Not place it out for bids like we do in the City of Fort Worth? Nepotism or it might just be friendship and money here.
      Why is the organization that is suppose to make sure Tarrant County has water in the future, running a public economic development plan???? I really wonder why on this one.
      I was told by the Mayor’s assistant that council members work hard to get in office and then work harder to stay in office. That mean’s they quit doing what we want them to do, when they get to office. I Love Fort Worth, and have lived here my whole life, doesn’t mean that we do not have corruption in our City Government. It’s just that they haven’t been caught yet? Well they did get Caught on the Pension Fund for our Police and Firemen, and now they got to make it right, Their time is coming. Just like the Dallas City Council in Dallas, with exception of John Wiley Price, who can be a crook and still hold his office till hell freezes over. We have so much fun watching Dallas screw up, then our guys start taking lessons from them. This isn’t the first time
      Corruption has touched Fort Worth.

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