I Found the $64,000 Question! ** UPDATED

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UPDATE: District Attorney Sharen Wilson and I just spoke. She was not aware of what her staff had done. I’ve been promised the data for $1. I have full confidence that Sharen will address this matter. We discussed the problem that it happened in the first place, she promised to address it and I believe she will. Thank you Sharen.

Over the last year Direct Action Texas has been doing a lot of research into elections in Tarrant County. In doing so we have ordered copies of Applications for Ballot by Mail and copies of ballot carrier envelopes many times. For example we started this journey looking into the TRWD race, which had 6,000 mail in ballots. I received all of them for $1.

This week I ordered the same thing I have in the past, except for the republican primary election in House District 99. This race had only 1,267 mail in ballots. I received a response, not from Tarrant Elections, but the District Attorney’s office. According to Sharen Wilson’s office that data is worth $64,815.66! I found the $64,815 Question!


Now this isn’t surprising. This is a classic bully tactic of government when they want to bully citizens, which is way too often. Sharen should be ashamed of herself. She’ll come out and claim she didn’t know, it was her staff. How would that make it any better? County Judge Glen Whitley should be ashamed that his county government bullies citizens. Tarrant County elections…well they have no shame.

One must ask, why is House District 99 so expensive? What are they trying to protect? Do they think I’ll just go away?

Citizens should demand better from their government. Tarrant County should demand transparency, public access to documents, and an end to government bullying of citizens immediately.


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