Charlie Geren’s Dirty Tactics On Display in New Lawsuit

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Last year Charlie Geren had his most credible primary challenge to date from Bo French for the TX House District 99 Republican Primary. It was well known that Charlie was nervous and campaigned harder than he ever had – and with good reason. Now it appears he and his campaign may have used some good ‘ol fashioned tomfoolery in order to pull off a win.

Today Bo and Sheridan French filed suit against Charlie’s campaign staffer and well known democrat, David Sorensen, in a story that is very disturbing and challenges our sense of decency.

On Friday February 26, 2016, 4 Days before the primary, CPS, along with a FTW police officer, showed up at the French residence with a complaint that their son had suffered a broken rib and allegations of physical abuse from Bo against the children. This was followed by repeat visits to the home on Saturday and Sunday. Oddly, once the election was over on that Tuesday, they never showed back up.

The Frenches have filed a civil suit against Sorensen, claiming he filed the report with CPS, with the intent to gain an unfair advantage for the Charlie Geren campaign in the final days of the primary. The suit claims: Defamation/Libel; Business Disparagement; Intrusion of Seclusion; Invasion of Privacy; and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

According to the filing, Sorensen put his scheme into effect by supplying a false report to CPS claiming Mr. French’s youngest son had suffered broken ribs and that the son was not provided adequate medical care. It was further falsely reported that the police had responded to domestic abuse calls at the French residence in the past. CPS’s internal investigation found that the Frenches’ son never had any broken ribs and that the police had never at any time been called to the French residence. After nearly a year the CPS proceeding was closed without any further investigation of the Frenches, but not until after Mr. French lost to Sorensen’s employer in the primary election.

It all began when Mrs. French, while working at an early voting polling location, received a series of alarming text messages from her husband. The texts contained screen shots of Facebook messages from Constable Clint Burgess, to at least one of Mr. French’s supporters. Mrs. French confronted Sorensen as to their involvement in the false allegations, which he denied. Days later this mysterious CPS complaint was filed containing details only discussed publicly at the polling location that day. The allegations, both in the text and to CPS, have no basis in fact and were clearly a malicious targeted plan to tarnish the reputation of the Frenches.

Sorensen has an interesting employment history. He currently advertises himself as a progressive liberal, but the only record of employment include liberal establishment Republican Ken Sheets’s followed by Charlie Geren’s campaign last year. After leaving Geren’s campaign, he went to work for the Tarrant County Democrat party. This further fuels speculation about Charlie Geren’s real ideological leanings and demonstrates that Charlie nor the democrats concern themselves with ideology or character.

The smartest thing in the suit, Direct Action Texas noticed, is that the Frenches request a trial by jury. Tarrant County’s judges are well known for their outcome oriented procedures for the well connected like Geren.

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that Charlie’s campaign was managed by Murphy Nasica, widely known to be the most unethical political outfit in Texas.

Politics is a full contact sport – BUT attacking the sacred guardianship of the Frenches’ four children should always be off limits. This has been described as the dirtiest attack ever seen in Texas politics, and there is a long list of those to pick from.  These tactics should be utterly rejected by voters. These consultants and staffers must be black listed from anyone with a basic sense of decency.

Meanwhile, Bo French has announced he is running against Charlie in round two. Voters can only hope Charlie doesn’t find a way to stoop even lower.


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