GOP Congressmen push back against Democrat bully tactics

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Yesterday, Republican members of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform joined Ken Paxton, pushing back on a Democrat effort to interfere in the administration of elections in Texas.

Republicans members of the oversight committee issued a letter to Democrats in leadership insisting they halt investigations into Texas’ list maintenance activities initiated in January. The letter sent yesterday states that there was no “valid legislative purpose” for Chairman of the committee Elijah Cummings D-Maryland to initiate investigations.

A similar letter was sent to Texas officials, advising them that the ‘investigation” is an overreach, establishing grounds for the committee request for documents to be ignored.
Specifically, the letter cites Supreme Court rulings curtailing the limits of congressional inquiries and while also raising “federalism concerns.”

Last month, the majority members of the committee issued a letter to Texas, demanding communications about and supporting material behind list maintenance program aimed at confirming the citizenship status of registered voters, removing non-citizens from Texas voter rolls. A Democrat judge has stopped this effort to clean up voter rolls, a ruling that has been called a judicial overreach and unconstitutional.

In truth, and according to yesterday’s letter, the Cummings letter to state officials, “rely in large part on unverified media articles to suggest misfeasance.” Writing by most Texas “news” outlets on list maintenance efforts initiated in January was incomplete, one-sided and worthy of derision.

The Attorney General’s office has reportedly signaled that they will not be cooperating with Pelosi’s congressional comrades, responding to a request for documents that set deadlines would not be met, while also asserting a lack of jurisdiction by the committee.

What’s worse, the letter highlights past harassment of Texas activists by Rep. Cummings when in 2012, the Texas-based nonprofit, True the vote was unjustly targeted by the IRS based on it’s impactful work on election integrity.

Yesterday’s letter was signed by Texas Congressman Chip Roy, joining Jim Jordan R-Ohio, Jody Hice R-Georgia, and Michael Cloud.

Here is a link to the letters.

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