Governor Abbott Unphased by Liberal Media

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Yesterday, during a press conference on property tax reform, Governor Greg Abbott was pestered by the media on the Secretary of State’s recent list maintenance activity.

Last week the SoS announced it was working with counties to identify potential non-citizen voters on Texas voter rolls.

Abbott quickly addressed the reporter’s line of questioning and continued the press conference. This is the correct approach.

Many in the left-wing aligned Texas media are working overtime to stop a clean up of Texas voter rolls. Much reporting lacks context, competing viewpoints or compelling content.

It’s not really reporting, it’s advocacy.

Nothing being reported undermines the fact that voter rolls in Texas and nationally are flawed, including non-citizen registrants and voters. This week Pensylvania announced it had 11,000 non-citizens registered to vote and reports of California’s voter roll errors are legion.

For the media and liberal legal groups, these facts are to be ignored. Unfortunately for them, the cat is out of the bag, there are issues with the voter roll that need to be addressed.

What’s more, the process of getting this to daylight and pushed out to the counties has revealed the need for greater oversight and structure to the process. Statutory changes are needed to ensure accurate administration and oversight of Texas’ voter roll.

The SoS, dealing with a broken system, intentionally hogtied, is finding it difficult to get something done efficiently. Shocking, right? Errors in the rollout aren’t an argument against performing the exercise, it’s an opportunity to show the brokenness of our current system so it can be mended.

A 2007 audit of Texas’ TEAM system showed tens of thousands of felons, deceased individuals and duplicate voters on voter rolls. In December, an audit of DPS revealed troubling lapses in the issuance of drivers licenses.

It’s more ludicrous to presume there are no non-citizens enrolled to vote than to believe there are based on known flaws in our state’s various databases. This is why the media push back has to be amped.

And, media push back should have been anticipated, after all, the first rule of reporting on voter fraud is you don’t report on voter fraud.

This bias is why the same outlets attacking list maintenance have failed to report on a Starr County woman being arrested for stealing a dead woman’s identity to vote.

But, when eminent legitimate action is threatened, it’s time to circle the wagons. Expect most media outlets to continue providing cover for left-wing groups and county officials.

Texans serious about election integrity are going to have to step up and continue to put pressure on all elected officials to ensure elections in Texas are secured.

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