Hand-wringing Over Illegal Voting Conviction Part of Larger Agenda

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In the last 48 hours, multiple progressive websites have published articles defending illegal voting in Texas, specifically citing the case of convicted criminal Crystal Mason.

We’ll address the Mason case again shortly, first, let’s examine what might be precipitating the PR push.

In part, it’s timing as leftwing groups appeal the Mason conviction but it might also be needed to combat recent polling that shows 77% of Texas Democrats agree that ineligible voters should be prevented from voting.

Ineligible voters would include non-citizens, thousands of whom are registered and many of whom are voting in Texas. The participation of non-citizens in Texas elections was confirmed in early 2019 in court when testimony was offered that, following a list maintenance effort, non-citizens self-identified and asked to be removed from voter rolls.

This isn’t the only polling result that cuts against propped up false narratives. Democrats were found to support Voter ID laws to the tune of 77% polled.

Voter fraud is insidious. The left’s continued claims that it does not exist (it does) and that it should not be investigated and stopped (it should) is more damaging to Texas and America’s governance than scary Russians.

Mason, a deeply flawed poster child, claims she did not know she was ineligible to vote after she was released from federal prison on “supervised release” (read: probation). Originally convicted of defrauding the federal government in a tax prep scheme, Mason knew she was on probation, as evidenced by the fact she had a probation officer.

Mason claims she did not know she was ineligible to vote and the ACLU who is appealing her conviction states she was never told she wasn’t allowed to vote. Wrong.

At trial it was disclosed that multiple letters were sent to Mason’s home after her initial conviction, informing the felon she was being removed from the voter rolls and was ineligible to vote.

Additionally, the provisional ballot that Mason read and signed stated that if she was not eligible to vote while on probation. Mason signed that.

Buried by the left, if mentioned at all, when Mason’s conviction is decried is she was offered a plea deal but refused the offer. The same is true for Rosa Ortega, a non-citizen who was convicted of illegal voting. Oddly in the case of Ortega, the reason cited for refusing the deal is she would have been deported. After she serves her prison term, Ortega will be deported.

What’s troubling about the apparent coordinated effort to continue perpetuating the Mason false narrative is that the left is going to interfere in Texas elections by carving out space for illegal voting.

The left’s efforts to overcome illegal voting convictions could have the consequence, intended or not, of emboldening illegal voting in 2020.

It’s time to counteract these efforts.

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